STD-LENVA Caster Wheels

The Caster Experts for your Commercial and Industrial grade Caster needs.

STD-LENVA Casters Manufacturing

Visit STD-LENVA Factory for Caster Wheel Manufacturing at Zhongshan, China



STD-LENVA Casters has a team of skilled engineers to meet specific requirements. We have successfully undertaken numerous caster projects, overseeing all stages from initial design to final mass production.

Production Capacity

Production Capacity

As the caster wheel factory, STD-LENVA has a mold injection workshop, automatic stamping workshop, welding workshop, and assembly workshop to ensure fast shipment.

For bulk orders,  quick delivery is available.

Quality Control

We carry out stringent quality control standards throughout production, from carefully selecting raw materials to manufacturing finished goods. Additionally, we employ testing machines to examine and evaluate the performance of our products thoroughly.

Quality Control
Package & Delivery

Package & Delivery

Each caster undergoes meticulous packaging and is carefully stacked onto pallets. To protect against potential damage and exposure to rain during transit, we take the necessary precautions to cover the pallets with plastic wrap.

Patent & Certification

STD-LENVA takes pride in offering patented leveling casters and is delighted to provide casters that meet the certification requirements. At Sturdy, we thoroughly understand the CE and RoHS specifications and can manufacture casters compliant with RoHS regulations.

Sturdy Casters Certification
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