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Sturdy Casters – One of The Leading Caster Wheels Suppliers to Rocket Your Business

Whether you need common types of casters, or you need custom casters for your applications, Sturdy can always meet your various demands.

Sturdy has full caster wheel engineering in-house capabilities such as automatic stamping, injection molding, riveting, and assembly, which ensure a short lead time.

As one of the professional caster & wheel manufacturers in China, Sturdy produces high-quality furniture casters, heavy-duty casters, industrial casters, leveling casters, and more to move your furniture and machine smoothly.

Our castor wheels will increase the efficiency of your work. We are the specialized caster wheel solution provider and the largest stocking manufacturer of caster wheels to guarantee fast shipping.

Sturdy casters are dedicated to providing the highest quality products for your applications. Welcome to visit Sturdy factory for caster wheel manufacturing at Zhongshan China

Send us your drawing or inquiry for your next caster order.

Sturdy Caster Wheel Benefits

One Stop Shop
Broad Product Line
Fast Shipment
Short Lead Time

The automatic machine and experienced workers to ensure on-time delivery.

7-24 Online Support
Custom Designs

Custom casters solutions for designing and manufacturing from scratch.

Quality Check
Quality Control

Certification passed, testing machine and strict quality checking standard.



Sturdy Casters has professional engineers that could offer custom casters to meet the requirements. We have completed a number of casters projects from design to mass production.

Free CAD Design based on your requirements. According to the drawing to open the tool for unique custom casters.

Sturdy Casters Design
Production Capacity

Production Capacity

Our factory has the mold injection workshop, stamping workshop, welding workshop, and assembly workshop to ensure the short time delivery. We also could guarantee the shipment time for the large orders.

Quality Control

For the whole process of production from raw material selection to the finished goods, we carry out the strict quality control standard; meanwhile, we will use the testing machine to check the performance of products.

Quality Control
Sturdy Casters Package

Package & Delivery

Every caster will be carefully packed, stacked to the pallet and then covered with plastic wrap to protect them from the damage and rain during the transit.

Patent & Certification

We have the patented levelling casters and are proud to provide the casters that could pass the certification as the requirements. CE and RoHS compliant casters are offered for your components or equipment.

Sturdy Casters Certification

Industry Solutions

Waste Industry

Whether need casters for home, commercial & industrial applications, STURDY CASTERS can always move your business forward.

STURDY Casters strive to supply the best caster solutions for a variety of industries.


For the manufacturing industry or manufacturing plants, load capacity, productivity, and safety are the key considerations in selecting casters. Our heavy-duty industrial casters could meet these demands.

Using the right casters for warehouses could help to reduce injuries during goods transportation. Sturdy casters offer a variety of high-quality casters with ergonomic features.

Food Processing
In the food processing industry where needs casters and wheels can withstand harsh and humid environments. Our stainless steel casters are ideal for frequent wash downs and moisture application.

Mobile Equipment

Sturdy casters and wheels make the equipment mobile smoothly and quietly. Like the casters for road cases, toolboxes, workbench, and any other devices and equipment.

Waste Industry

Our medium and heavy duty casters with the characteristics of double welded yoke and hardened ball bearing raceway are perfect for the waste industry like garbage bins, dumpsters and trash containers.


Choose Sturdy to Custom Your Caster Wheels

Sturdy Casters Production Capabilities
  • Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Quality Control Capabilities
  • Engineering Capabilities
  • Custom Capabilities
  • Testing Capabilities
Sturdy Caster Wheel Advantages

Competitive Prices

Automatic production and bulk raw material purchase for lower costs.

1-Year Quality Guarantee

The caster stamped with our LOGO LENVA have a 1-Year Quality Guarantee.

Skyrocket your casters business with a professional manufacturer you can definitely trust.

Sturdy Caster Wheel Manufacturing

Plastic Raw Material

Sturdy uses 100% brand new material to make wheels and offers a wide variety of caster wheels material selection, such as rubber, polyolefin, polyurethane, nylon, TPR rubber, polyamide, etc. 

Caster Wheel Mould Machine

The injection molding process of the caster wheel mainly includes four processes: filling – holding pressure – cooling – demolding. These four processes directly determine the molding quality of the wheels. And they are a continuous process. 

Metal Raw Material

Sturdy casters are made of good quality cold roll or hot roll steel sheets for high capacity and durability. Semi-steel, cast iron wheels, and forged steel wheels are also available.

Sturdy Caster Wheel Stamping

After cutting the sheet, then comes to the stamping workshop for pressing and forming the components of caster wheels, including caster rig (fork), caster yoke, top plate, ball bearing raceways, brake pedal, and other parts.

Surface Treatment
  • Zinc Finish
  • Electro
  • Chrome Finish
  • Brass Finish
  • Powder Coating
  • Heat Treatment
Automatic Riveting

Our factory adopts the advanced technology of automatic riveting machine, which combines all procedures into one process. For instance, this machine will automatically add grease & balls, rivets, and top plates. This machine dramatically saves labor and improves efficiency.


Welding is a common process to weld the steel yoke leg to the ball-bearing raceways for added strength and endurance. There are mainly two kinds of welding methods: manual welding and robotic welding. In order to supply the best quality caster wheels, we have strict regulations for welded caster frames.

Caster Wheel Assembly

The caster wheel assembly process comprises the following lists:

  • Mounting screws and nuts
  • Installing the brake pedal
  • Mounting the axles
  • Cleaning the part
  • Brushing the anti-rust oil

Sturdy offers several caster wheel packages:

  • Small Color Box package
  • Blister Packaging
  • Lift-off Lid Rigid Box
  • Carton Box Packing

You can also customize your packaging requirements, and we can print your company logo on the carton.


Whether you need to ship the caster wheel by sea freight or air freight, your caster orders will be carefully packed to prevent impact and damage during the delivery. We will help you find the ideal shipping forwarder at a lower cost.

Container Loading

We are also familiar with container loading if you have an FCL caster wheel shipment. Steel straps outside the wooden crate to protect the caster wheels in place.

  • Testimonials
    What Our Clients Say About Sturdy Casters

    “Sturdy Casters is definitely an expert on caster wheel manufacturing in Zhongshan China. They have automatic stamping machine and very experienced staffs to help us design new casters. They have large numbers of caster wheel designs for different kinds of applications. I am really happy with the team of Sturdy Casters. Thanks!”
    Edgar Vargas
  • “Thanks for great quality caster wheels, their casters are very easy to install and quite smooth rolling. Trust me, if you have a bulk order, you can visit the Sturdy factory in Zhongshan, then you will be really happy to see their manufacturing process of caster wheels.”

    Simon Smith
FAQ More Questions You Need to Know

What are the payment methods?

We usually accept T/T 30% deposit, and 70% balance paid against the scan of the Bill of Lading. While for other payment terms, such as OA, LC could be negotiated.

Do you have any MOQ for your Caster Wheel Order?

We do not have MOQ for the casters in stock, and accept the small MOQ of 100 PCS for customized items.

Can I visit your caster wheel manufacturing factory in China?
Welcome to visit our caster wheel factory in Zhongshan China. Fly to Guangzhou directly and we will pick you up.
Can you provide FREE Samples?

Yes, we could apply for the Free samples as the requirement for you.

Do you have any certification for your caster wheels?

Yes, we have the REACH certification for several types of casters. And just tell us which certification you would like to make, we could provide the samples accordingly.

Does Sturdy only manufacture caster wheels?

Not exactly, Sturdy can also produce other hardware parts and plastic parts, just send us your drawing or requirement.

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