office chair rollerblade wheels

Office Chair Rollerblade Wheels Set of 5 Floor Protection and Smooth Rolling

wheel diameter
Wheel Diameter
3 in (75 mm)
wheel width
Wheel Width
1 in (25 mm)
wheel material
Wheel Material
load capacity
Load Capacity
330 lbs ( 150 kg) / Set
wheel bearing
Wheel Bearing
Double Ball Bearing

Office Chair Rollerblade Wheels

Item No. Wheel Diameter
Wheel Width
Wheel Material Stem Size
Overall Height
Load Capacity
LB075025STU 75 25 Polyurethane M11x22 95 50

Rollerblade Office Chair Casters drawing

Sturdy LENVA Caster Applications Office Chair

office chair rollerblade wheels 2


The office chair casters durability testing standard is a total of 122kg (270 lb.) weight applied to 5 casters and passes the test of crossed obstacles for 2,000 cycles. While for one caster, place a 51KG (112 lb.) load with a 1.5mm obstacle and cycle for 2,600 cycles.

There shall be no loss of serviceability. After mounting the casters to the bottom of the chair, actually only have 3 force support points (if leaning forward, then the front 3 force points bear the capacity; if tilting backward, then the back 3 will carry the weight). So the load could not be simply calculated just by a single wheel’s load x 5 pcs.

If you want to have a long and extended service life for casters, please calculate the total load by the following formula:

Gross Weight of Chair + Weight <51KG (112 lb.) x 3 PCS x 0.8

The following are improper operations:

  1. After attaching the casters to the chair base, don’t allow two people to sit on the chair at the same time. This will cause damage to casters by the extra weight and the severely uneven load points.

office chair rollerblade wheels 1

  1. When inserting the casters into the tube at the bottom of the chair, make sure the stem is firmly anchored. There should be no space left in the insert, which may lead to the casters failing as the unstable stress point.


  1. Please do not use the chair as a trolley or platform cart. As 5 casters of chairs are connected to the chair by a 5-star base, not like the mounting type on the flat surface of the platform cart.

office chair rollerblade wheels 3

Please contact us if you have the following cases:

  1. If the chair itself rattles before removing the old casters, please do not install our casters. The current chair has a quality issue that may shorten the service life of casters after the installation of our new casters.
  2. If our stem diameter (φ11mm) is larger than the mounting holes of the chair base, please do not expand the holes directly on the office chair. Perhaps your office chair is fit for the casters with a stem of φ10mm. Please contact us for chair casters with φ10mm stem.
  3. If a total load of your weight and chair is close to or more than 122kg (270 lb.), please contact STURDY for the upgrade of STD-LENVA casters with higher loading capacity. Gross Weight of Chair + Weight <75KG (165 lb.) x 3 PCS x 0.8
  4. If you think the overall height of the chair is too high after putting the casters on it, please ask us for a smaller size of a 2.5-inch caster (the commonly used type is 3 inches).
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