Drum Casters Total Lock Brake Red Polyurethane Wheel High Capacity

  • Heavy Load Rating for Various Drums
  • Reduce the Effort to Move the Drum Dollies
  • Smooth and Silent Rolling
  • Urethane Wheels for Good Shock-absorption
  • Durable Steel Frame for Long-service Life
  • Provide the Stability and Easy Pushing
  • Top plate mounted casters allow for a wider area of distribution of weight capacity
  • Plate with 4 bolt holes for easy installation by bolted or screwed into place
  • Our drum casters are made of high-performance polyurethane wheel
  • Precision ball bearings in the wheel for a higher load rating
Sturdy Drum Caster Applications

Drum Caster Applications

Sturdy drum casters are great for the following drum types:

  • Steel Drum Dolly
  • Plastic Barrel Dolly
  • 55 Gallon Drum Dolly
  • Drum Cart
  • Oil Drum
  • Gateway Drum
  • Drum Stand
  • Double Drum Cart
  • Adjustable¬†Drum Dolly
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