Dog Crate Wheels Heavy Duty and Universal Top Plate Black Yoke

  • Heavy duty dog crate wheels
  • Universal size fits most standard dog crates
  • Work best with larger dog crates
  • Easy to roll with minimal effort
  • Simple to install on a dog crate
  • Our dog crate wheels are made from high tensile strength steel and can withstand heavy duty needs. 
  • Top quality caster bearings in the wheel for durability and smooth rolling
  • The polyurethane wheel offers good floor protection and quiet operation
  • Add portability and ease of movement to your dog crate.
  • A very convenient way of moving your dog crate to anywhere you want. 
sturdy dog crate wheels application

Dog Crate Caster Wheel Applications

  • Dog crate dolly
  • Large dog crate
  • Outdoor dog Kennel cage crate
  • Ferplast dog crate
  • Impact dog crate
  • Savic dog crate
  • Skudo Plastic Travel Carrier



Dog Crate Caster Wheels Drawing:

dog crate wheels drawing


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