Cage Casters Replacement Caster Wheels for Bird Cage

  • Best replacement caster wheels for cages
  • Universal size and type
  • Swivel ball bearing raceway for easy rotation
  • Threaded stem for simply installation
  • Chrome finish or zinc finish are available


  • These cage casters have a chrome or brass finish for a stylish look.
  • Hooded ball casters with soft tread wheels are floor protection and won’t damage your expensive floors.
  • Threaded stem or grip ring stem casters are easily inserted into the cage tubes.
  • Swivel or brake types are optional; brake pedal design could stop the wheel when needed.
  • The easiest way of fixing bird cage wheels would be to buy a new cage caster.


Key Benefits of Sturdy Caster Wheels

Cage Caster Wheel Selection

Bird Cage Casters

Wire Cage Casters

Rat Cage Casters

Animal Plastics Cage Casters

Cat Cage Casters


Cage Caster Applications

Sturdy cage caster wheels are great for:

Bird cages

Cat cages

Rat cages

Rabbit cages

Stainless steel cages

Wire cages

Steel storage cages


Sturdy Cage Caster Applications

Cage casters drawing:



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