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Your #1 Caster Wheel Manufacturer

Sturdy Casters takes pride in being a renowned manufacturer of high-quality plate casters. With a commitment to excellence in design and manufacturing, we offer a diverse range of plate casters that cater to various needs and applications.

Extensive range of sizes. We understand that different equipment and environments demand different caster sizes for optimal performance. Therefore, Sturdy Casters ensures that customers can find the perfect fit for their specific requirements.

Whether it’s small-scale furniture or heavy-duty industrial machinery, we have plate casters in various sizes to accommodate a wide range of weight capacities.

Contact our knowledgeable caster specialist for expert advice in selecting the perfect caster solutions to meet your needs.

Sturdy Plate Casters Series

1 inch caster wheel top plate

1″ Caster Wheels Swivel Top Plate Casters for Small Cart and Light Duty Mobility Needs

2 inch caster wheel top plate

2-inch Diameter Wheel Swivel, Rigid and Brake Casters Top Plate Type Non-Marking

2.5 inch caster wheel top plate

2.5-inch Plate Casters General Heavy Duty Standard Size for Creeper, Service Carts

3 inch caster wheel top plate

STURDY HARDWARE 3-inch Swivel Plate Casters Plain Bearing Sleeve for Furniture

4 inch caster wheel top plate

4” Swivel Top Plate Casters Heavy Duty Caster Wheel with Brake Polyurethane Wheel

5 inch caster wheel top plate

5-inch Casters in Swivel, Fixed, and Locking Options with Various Plate Fastenings

6 inch caster wheel top plate

6-inch Medium Heavy Duty Caster Wheels Double Welded Yoke for Heavy Capacity

8 inch caster wheel top plate

8” x 2″ Heavy Duty Industry Wheels in Phenolic, Polyurethane, Cast Iron and Rubber

bakery rack wheels

High-Temperature Wheel for Bakery or Oven Rack Withstand Heat up to 500˚F

Bracket Casters 500

U Bracket Casters without Brake Perfect Replacement Wheel for Crib, Bookcase, and Computer Desk

heavy duty plate casters

Heavy Duty Plate Casters in Various Wheel Diameters and Tread Widths for Industrial Applications

plate mount casters

Sturdy Carries A Wide Range of Plate Casters Ranging From Light to Heavy Duty Capacity Loads

rigid plate casters

Rigid Fixed Non-Swivel Top Plate Casters Offer Great Stability with Zinc Finish Yoke for Anti Rust

site mount casters

Side Mount Casters with Vertical Mounting Plates for Attaching to the Gates, Doors, and Fences

swivel plate casters

Swivel Plate Casters Smooth Rolling for Equipment, Machine, Carts, Office Furniture and More

STURDY Plate Casters Benefits

Quality Check
100% Quality Control

Sturdy Hardware ensures rigorous quality management of all caster items during manufacturing. We confirm that our plate caster series adheres to CE and RoHS standards.


Low Cost
Low Cost

Sturdy Hardware casters provide a cost-effective manufacturing procedure for creating casters and wheels. The automated production and economical materials substantially manage the price of the STURDY caster wheel.

1-Year Quality Warranty
1-Year Quality Guarantee

Sturdy Hardware Company provides a 1-year warranty for all products in the STD-LENVA series to guarantee you receive the most fitting items for your applications.

Fast Shipment
Fast Shipment

Sturdy Lenva casters maintain a substantial inventory of popular sizes and styles, ensuring rapid dispatch for your caster orders, implying that we minimize your wait time without compromising product quality.

STURDY Plate Casters Manufacturing

Sturdy plate casters utilize cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and top-notch production facilities to create high-quality casters.

We produce plate casters with superior performance through rigorous procedures, and here are the manufacturing steps:

  • 1. Stamping
  • 2. Surface treatment
  • 3. Plastic Injection
  • 4. Assembly
  • 5. Quality Testing
  • 6. Shipment
Lenva Casters Manufacturing
Why Sturdy Lenva Casters

Why Buy plate caster wheels from Sturdy Casters?


  • All plate casters undergo the Endurance and Obstacle Test.
  • Our top plate casters come with a 1-year quality guarantee for extended durability and service, which helps lower your maintenance and repair expenses.


We keep a ready stock of our Lenva Casters brand to guarantee swift shipping for each order. You don’t need to store our casters, saving your cost and warehouse space.

We can send Free Samples to check the quality before placing your first order.

Your Reliable Custom Caster Wheel Supplier

Sturdy Lenva Casters Application
Sturdy Lenva Casters

Lenva is a brand under Sturdy Hardware Company, a professional caster wheel manufacturer in Xiaolan, China. Sturdy aims to provide a comprehensive solution for your caster wheel and material handling requirements.

Sturdy Casters are versatile and can fabricate diverse types of caster wheels, including rollerblade office chair casters, workbench casters, toolbox casters, cart casters, moving casters, and cabinet casters, among others.

Sturdy can modify the caster wheel material and components as per your requirements. We select the raw materials to make the samples according to your drawings.

We can further enhance your personalized casters by incorporating unique characteristics, such as high or low-temperature resistance, antimicrobial properties, rust-proofing, floor safeguarding, etc.

As a leading caster supplier, Sturdy Casters imposes stringent quality control on production, ensuring a regular supply of high-grade casters.

As a caster expert, Sturdy offers superior quality at competitive rates. Our total capacity of casters enables shorter lead times for improved overall efficiency.

Send us your drawing now, and you will receive a caster ideally suited for your applications.

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