10 Practical Tips on How to Choose A Caster Wheel Manufacturer in China

How to Choose A Caster Wheel manufacturer

Are you looking for a good and professional caster wheel manufacturer in China?

When you source the best caster wheels online, you will find many brands & companies available in the market.

So, how to find an ideal one for your business?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, you’ll learn about 10 practical tips to consider when selecting a suitable caster wheel supplier in china.

Let’s get started.

1. Choose a Company with Professional Quality Control Team

Besides the price and lead time for one caster order, quality always occupies an essential part of the modern manufacturing process.

Though not all factories produce castor wheels under the required standards, many others still take the steps of quality control seriously.

You should contact the manufacturing companies that have quality assurance specialists. They will conform to different standards to identify caster and wheel designs for maximum performance.

For example:

They have specific manufacturing standards such as the Institute of Caster and Wheel Manufacturers ( ICWM), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA), and NSF for food service casters. With those to ensure the final products that observe the company quality policy.

Or they have the test labs that own the common quality testing equipment such as dynamic wheel endurance test machine, drum test with obstacle machine, static load testing machine, pull test machine, and more.

Quality Control
Caster Wheel Quality Checking

An experienced QC team inspects every step in the whole production process, from the raw material to the final products. They evaluate the production and test casters during the manufacturing procedure.

Furthermore, their QC team is also knowledgeable about the caster wheels, industry, and customers’ expectations. They’ve worked with many clients and could understand various needs for every application. Through their knowledge and expertise to meet the requirement of safety, durability, and ease of movement.


2. Caster Wheel Price -The Chinese Caster Wheel Is Cost Competitive

According to UN Comtrade Database official international trade statistics, China is the world’s largest supplier and exporter of caster wheels.



And China offers a considerably lower rate of labor and manufacturing than elsewhere in the world.

Thus it’s a practical and cost-effective option to partner with Chinese manufacturers, mostly if you sell your caster wheels on a large scale.

You’ll find that top-rated caster companies in America and Europe have their manufacturing plant in China, like Colson in Guangzhou and Wicke in Zhongshan. This gives a great advantage to Chinese caster wheel factories, as they could exploit American, European, and Chinese advanced technologies.

So there are a lot of American and European companies that have their OEM partners in China. But you still have to pay more for your caster wheel orders within this business model.

For instance, Sturdy 3 Inch Black Rollerblade Caster Wheels, the price is US$5.75/Set (Set of 5). In comparison, the same one in the U.S.A will cost over US$ 38.95/Set.

office chair rollerblade wheels manufacturing (5) Office Chair Rollerblade Wheels Set of 5

For this reason, Chinese caster wheel manufacturers are the best source for casters, wheels, and accessories.


3. Find a Company that Offers a One Stop Solution for all Your Caster Needs

It may take more time to find a company that could provide one-stop OEM & ODM service for all your caster needs at the beginning. However, with a proper search online, you’ll get a Chinese caster factory with most types of caster wheels you may need.

Those companies could provide heavy-duty casters, industrial casters, leveling casters, office chair casters, furniture casters, food service casters, stainless steel casters, shopping cart casters, and replacement casters, to name a few.

A wide range of caster wheels to provide a one-stop-shop to all caster and wheel requirements.

In addition, they also have custom-made casters that are designed and built specifically for your desired application.

The following is a list of benefits you could get from a one-stop-solution caster wheel provider:

  • Lowest Pricing for Bulk Orders
  • Engineering Support
  • After-sales Service
  • Consistency of Quality
  • On-time Delivery

For the above reasons, you will get your wheel casters products in a timely manner.


4. Require More Industry Related Certificates – CE / RoHs / NSF / ISO etc.

Don’t believe what they say, and you should ask them to send the scan of the printed certificate. Any company that manufacturers caster wheel products should conform to industrial standards.

As these requirements are recognized globally, for example, FDA compliance is crucial for food service casters.

Moreover, certification compliance decreases the chance of castor wheel failure in your home or industrial application. Certified Casters have these built-in safety factors to avoid the injury of operators.

Sturdy Casters Certification

If possible, they should provide documentation in detail. You could refer to the following links to learn more about these industry standards for the caster wheel industry: ISO, CE, and NSF requirements.

The company with the related industrial certification will focus on the prevention of defects and production efficiency. They will strive to provide longer-lasting products to their customers. An industry certificate could be regarded as the additional strength of this company.


5. Steps to Verify A Caster Wheel Supplier in China

Before your casters purchase from a potential supplier in China, the following simple and effective steps will help you how to check a company’s background.

5.1 Use Search Engines

We suggest using Google or Bing to do this step, don’t use your local search engine, as you could find more related information from these two search engines.

Open Google or Bing, then search with the text ” company name + scam”, ” company name + reviews”, “company name + lawsuit”, or other similar terms.

Other importers or wholesalers who had a bad experience with a Chinese vendor often post them online.

How to Choose A Caster Wheel manufacturer company search

While searching the supplier’s company name, you will find their profiles if they’ve left a trace on the internet. For instance, they will create the company page on SNS ( LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. ) or leave the contact information on several selling platforms.

5.2 Check Their Registration Information

You could ask your potential supplier to send their official registered license, which includes basic information:

Registration number

Official company name

Type of enterprise

Legal representative

And many more.

Company information

Information on every company registered in China is publicly available and can be accessed via each local Administration of Industry and Commerce (AIC) electronic database.

Follow this step to collect more information about this company, as most scammers usually provide false registration information, like company address, telephone number, fax number, and so on.

5.3 Make a Phone Call or Live Video Call

With the above company information, make a phone call or video chat with China’s supplier.

Remember, if they only have a mobile number and don’t have a landline, an alarm should sound off in your mind. Because in China, to apply for a landline need their accurate information and ID card.

Let me give you an example:

a standard Chinese landline will look like this: 86-0760-2258-8286. “86” is the country code of China, “0760” is the area code (Zhongshan City), and 8 digits of “2258-8286” is the telephone number.

Meanwhile, also have a live video call with the supplier to see the manufacturing workshops, machines, workers, products, and the salesperson to whom you are talking. Work with a real company that has the capability to complete the whole production.

During the Covid Pandemic, it’s hard to visit the factory and meet in person. Video conferencing is becoming a creative way to do this.

Make a list of questions and what you want to see by live video meeting. Let them have a virtual factory tour guide for you.


6. Find a Well Communicated Supplier with High Responsibility

Good and effective communication is the key to supply chain success. An excellent and well-communicated supplier will understand clearly what you want.

For instance, if you would like to start one new project, perhaps you just have the idea or thought in your mind. A simple and clearly communicated supplier will provide the perfect solution from design, drawing, material, cost, and more.

Even with fewer documents and emails, they could comprehend your meaning and discussion. They have excellent communication skills with you on the internet 24/7. Answers to your questions or emails in time and stick to the points directly.

Perhaps many caster wheel purchasers don’t consider this enough, but a reliable and trusted sales rep can save your time & cost and provide the best caster options for your equipment. This facilitates your purchasing job in the long run.

High responsibility means whenever there’s a problem with the products or orders; they will strive to solve it or offer compensation solutions to maintain a long-term relationship. Both are looking for a long-term business instead of a one-time deal.


7. Consider Manufacturer’s Casters are Backed By 1 or 3 Year Warranty

1 year quality warranty

Everyone’s looking for products with the very best-for-the-price, but quality still matters. For an economical solution, affordable prices with high-quality products are what you want to get.

The certification is crucial when importing casters from China, then a 1 or 3-year warranty is another one to guarantee the quality of any casters. This quality assurance ensures that you will have a greater usable life cycle casters.

In addition to that, this gives users much more safety when rolling the machine with installed casters. They will focus on lowering the defect rate in production.

Thus we strongly suggest considering manufacturer’s casters are backed by a 1 or 3-year warranty to ensure you have a low rate of returns and maintain your company’s reputation.

A trustworthy and reliable seller is vital to the success of your caster wheel business. So as you start your caster purchasing work, find a supplier that can offer competitive pricing but high-quality products.

Once you find that supplier, you can proceed to the next: review terms and conditions.


8. Review Terms and Conditions of the Caster Wheels Manufacturer

I know it might sound like a cliché, but I’ll say it anyway. Don’t forget to evaluate the terms and conditions of the manufacturer before you make your payment.

You’ll know your manufacturer’s obligations and what you could expect from them.

In most situations, the company will send you the proforma invoice or contract before wrapping up the deal. What’s more, you should evaluate the various terms that make your assurance invalid.

Other key factors you need to examine technical specifications of the casters, commercial terms, drawings of caster wheels, and other documents of the casters.

Don’t buy any casters that don’t have a simple and clearly expressed trade agreement.

And to avoid misunderstanding or other specific terms you do not understand, try to get a clear interpretation from the supplier.

It’s these that prevent you from getting unqualified products and losing your money. This also enables you to be involved with the dispute.

Therefore, always make sure you go through the sales contract and understand what to expect.


9. Search for Companies that Provides Free Samples and Low MOQ

After narrowing down the list of your preferred caster wheel suppliers, request samples to see the actual caster wheels before placing the order.

You could search for companies that provide free samples for their products, and then you cover expenses like shipping and customs clearance.

Requesting a sample from your manufacturer is a way of assessing if they can produce exactly what you want, as you will only know how it looks once you have it in your hands.

This will save you money when importing casters from China because you don’t need to order the bulk of your goods.

While MOQ ( Minimum Order Quantity) refers to the lowest quantity of products that a supplier is willing to produce for you. Different suppliers have different MOQs demand that depends on various factors, such as company policy, and production capacity.

As you see, most manufacturers don’t have the inventory. They start the production process after you place the orders.

We prefer to cooperate with a factory with low MOQ requirements. If they have a high MOQ, this may be difficult, especially if you just want to start with a trial order or you are a small caster wheel wholesaler.

For that reason, find a company with a low MOQ. This will help to reduce the total cost of your products.


10. Check Trade Terms, Payment Terms, and Shipping

This is yet another essential part to consider when you source for caster wheels providers in China.

●Trade Terms

The first time you cooperate with one supplier, discuss the trade terms in detail.

For Chinese suppliers, as much as I know, EXW and FOB terms are commonly used.

Ex Works (EXW) means the casters will be shipped at the factory, and you contact your forward to pick up.

Free Carrier (FCA) means the casters manufacturer in China hands over the goods at the named shipping point, like your forwarder’s warehouse or your other supplier’s company ( for loading the container together).

Free on Board (FOB) means your supplier transport the goods to a designated port, either could be an airport or a seaport. You will bear the costs from the origin port to your destination port.

Cost, Insurance, and Freight ( CIF) indicate the seller’s responsibility for the cost of shipping, freight charges, and shipping insurance. They will deliver the goods to a named destination port, either your local airport or seaport.

Aside from the above terms, you could still consider many other terms of trade at your convenience, like CFR, DDT, CNF, etc.

Incoterms 2020

●Payment Terms

You are free to negotiate with your manufacturer for the payment terms and find out their accepted payment way.

Typically, most Chinese manufacturers accept a 30% deposit through TT when placing the order. With the initial 30%, the manufacturer has the funds to prepare the raw materials to start production.

When the goods are finished and ready for shipment, you’ll need to arrange the 70% balance. Then they will arrange the shipping.

Payment methods are varied for different companies. Other payment ways that you can work with are OA, Letter of Credit, and escrow payments.


In terms of shipping, you can either find a freight forwarder by yourself. In this way, you will have complete control of the logistics. Or also, ask a caster wheel manufacturer to handle all shipments at a reasonable freight cost.

What’s more, the company should provide a better shipping process such as LCL, as it offers much more flexibility.

PS: Sturdy caster is working with one of the very professional freight forwarders in China and could save shipping costs for your orders.

For sample orders, air shipment is the first consideration because the freight cost is not very high for several samples.

For trial orders, either air shipping or sea shipping usually are used, depending on the quantity and volume of your purchasing order.

While for bulk orders, ocean transport is a preferable way.

Remember, whenever you’re importing caster wheels from China, there are quite some processes included.

So you must state the penalty and refund clearly in your sale contract, which will help you avoid quality complaints and delivery delays.



Except for these 10 practical tips, you need to ask as many questions as possible before making your final choice. Then you’ll get a perfect and trusted caster wheel manufacturer in China.

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