STURDY Lenva Adjustable Spring Loaded Gate Caster Wheel for Wooden Gate

  • Designed to allow your wooden gate to open and close freely
  • Soft thermoplastic rubber wheel for smooth rolling
  • Added with a spring-loaded clamp that works as a shock absorber
  • Installation of these casters to prevent the future sag of your gate
  • Fasteners are included: bolts and lock nuts for the mounting


  • Lenva gate casters and gate wheels are manufactured by Zhongshan Sturdy Casters that can meet your application needs.
  • High-quality spring-loaded clamp to extend the service life of the gate’s hinges and posts.
  • 4-inch casters with 100kg (220 lb.) loading capacity, excellent for small gates, as the gate casters could not carry the entire weight of the gate, especially when riding on uneven floors.
  • Recommend using larger caster wheels (6” or 8”) for heavy-duty swing gates, fence gates, farm gates, or sliding gates.
  • Zinc-plated finish for good corrosion resistance that is suitable for typical outdoor use.
  • Thermoplastic rubber wheel with dust cover prevents debris and allows smooth rolling over rough surfaces.
  • 2 pcs of gate caster wheel kit could be offered, and it comes with free hardware components for quick replacement of bent and broken gate wheels.
  • A professional caster wheel supplier offers competitive pricing on our gate casters.
Factors to Consider when choose gate casters

Factors to Consider When Choose A Gate Caster

  • Gate Size
  • Gate Weight
  • Floor Conditions
  • Environment
  • The Slope of The Floor
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use

Typical Applications of Gate Caster Wheel

  • Fence Gate
  • Wooden Gate
  • Heavy duty Metal Gate
  • Swing Gate
  • Farm Gate
  • Sliding Gate
  • Small Gate
Gate Caster Wheel Application

Gate casters drawing:

STURDY Lenva Gate Casters Drawing STURDY Lenva Gate Casters Drawing

Gate caster installation:

Sturdy Gate Casters Installation

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