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Whether you are looking for 1 inch low profile casters or heavy duty height-adjustable wheels for your coolers, refrigerators, or chest freezers, you’ve come to the right place.

Zhongshan Sturdy refrigerators or freezer casters are specifically engineered to endure exceptionally low temperatures and ensure unfailing mobility in cooler and refrigerated environments.

Sturdy cooler caster wheels provide easy mobility for maintenance and smooth operation for replacing old or broken caster wheels. They are great for the food industry, commercial refrigeration units, beverage air, display fridges, laboratory equipment, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Our cooler caster series is covered with a 1-year warranty from the original purchase date. Meanwhile, these casters are in stock to ensure a quick delivery. Our high-quality cooler castors offer competitive pricing, reduced downtime, and efficient productivity.

Cooler wheel kits are also available in various types. Each caster set comes with free nuts, bolts, and washers for easy installation.

Contact us today to get premium caster wheels at fair prices!

Cooler Casters Series

Refrigerator Rigid Wheels

Rigid top plate with durable polyolefin wheels for commercial refrigerators and cooler units. The fixed caster type allows you to move the fridge back and forth in a straight line, but it won’t rotate like a swivel caster.

Freezer Casters

25mm plate-mounted freezer casters with a low profile and heavy-duty design work great for upright freezers, chest freezers, commercial refrigerators, fridge risers, gladiator refrigerators, and more.

Appliance Roller Casters

1-inch upgrade twin wheel type for better maneuverability of heavy equipment rollers. High performance in extreme cold temperatures and freezer environments. A Set of 4 swivel or brake casters is available.

2 inch Freezer Wheels

2-inch (50mm) heavy-duty low-profile freezer wheels for refrigerated environments. These 2” freezer wheels have a mounting height of 2.8 inches and are designed for low-height application. A zinc-plated or black powder finish is optional.

Fridge Casters

2.5-inch fridge casters with side lock brakes provide convenience and mobility for your reach-in coolers and under-counter freezers; these are made to meet your specific needs. The price of this type is very competitive and economical.

Fridge Wheels

Sturdy 2-inch fridge wheels can easily move up to 1,100 lbs, and the adjustable leveling pad keeps your heavy refrigeration equipment stationary. This caster allows you to accommodate the fridges on uneven floor surfaces.

Cooler Casters

3-inch silver or black casters for coolers, like igloo coolers, rolling coolers, ice chest coolers, wheeled coolers, true coolers, and more. Utilize cooler castors to create the necessary floor clearance for your commercial refrigeration units.

Cooler Wheels Kit

Four 4-inch universal cooler wheel kits are made for simple installation and easily move large and heavy coolers over various surfaces such as grass, mud, and pavement. A Set of 4 casters and corrosion-resistant hardware parts are included.

Heavy Duty Refrigerator Castors

Heavy-duty swivel stem castors for commercial refrigeration units. The non-marking thermoplastic rubber wheels offer a challenging but soft ride. They are perfect for refrigerated display cases, coolers, and more.

Features of STURDY Cooler Casters

Low Cost
Low Cost

We offer our cooler casters at a low price and discounted pricing at large quantities. It’s a cost-effective solution to add mobility to your coolers.


quality standards
High Quality

All of our cooler casters and wheels are guaranteed a 1-year warranty. We’re dedicated to supplying high-quality casters with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Wide Range of Application
Easy Installation

There are various types of cooler wheel kits to meet your unique needs. Each set comes with hardware parts for simply attaching the casters to coolers.

Fast Shipment
Fast Shipment

We have a large stock of raw materials and semi-finished parts to ensure customers receive their orders in a timely manner.

How Cooler Caster Wheel Works?

A cooler caster wheel is designed to provide smooth mobility and maneuverability to coolers and other wheeled devices. It consists of a durable wheel mounted on a metal frame with a swivel mechanism, allowing it to rotate freely in any direction.

The swivel mechanism typically includes a ball bearing for smooth rotation, reducing friction.

A locking mechanism is often included to immobilize the wheel when needed, providing stability and safety.

Overall, the cooler caster wheel facilitates easy movement, steering, and locking capabilities for efficient transport of coolers.

How Cooler Caster Wheel Works
Options of Cooler Casters

Options of Cooler Casters

When it comes to cooler casters, Sturdy supplies several types to suit different needs and preferences.

One option is the fixed caster, which provides straightforward forward and backward movement. Another option is the swivel caster, which allows for 360-degree rotation, enabling easy maneuverability in all directions.

Some coolers also come with locking casters, which can be engaged to keep the cooler stationary when needed.

Additionally, caster wheels are made of different materials, such as rubber or plastic, offering specific benefits like smooth movement or durability.

Sturdy offers a wide range of options and customization for your cooler’s mobility based on specific requirements.

Why Choose STURDY Capabilities

STURDY provides caster wheel services for industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment. We have been experts in caster production and export experience for many years.

Our production department has an automatic stamping workshop, injection molding workshop, and a large stock of raw materials and steel sheets that can deliver most caster orders within 7-10 days. All final caster wheels are engineered based on your requirements.

We can create unique yet cost-effective customized casters for you. Back up with a decade of experience and state-of-the-art machinery, combined with our best service, we can offer custom cooler casters for your projects.

why choose STURDY capabilities

Cooler Caster Wheel Manufacturing Process

Cooler Caster Wheel Manufacturing Process
Cooler Caster Wheel Manufacturing Process

Sturdy Casters performs cooler caster wheel manufacturing processes depending on your applications. We also could provide custom cooler caster wheels. Step-by-step processing starts from:

Metal Parts

Stamping is the first important process for producing cooler casters. This process begins with a cold or hot rolled sheet and then cuts it into the desired caster shapes ( caster components such as top plates, brackets, yokes, ball-bearing raceways, and brake pedals are completed in this procedure).

Forming, bending, welding, and surface treatments will be followed to enhance the appearance of the casters. Typical cooler casters are zinc finish, while ours are electrophoresis (black coating) for durability and better corrosion resistance.

Plastic Parts

The injection molding is a widely used production process for making plastic wheels. The primary stage in the injection molding process involves choosing the suitable plastic material for the caster wheel.

The selected material should satisfy the essential criteria of strength, durability, and resistance to wear. Depending on the intended use and environment, materials such as rubber, plastic, or metal are chosen for the caster wheel construction.

The plastic granules are melted and injected into the mold at high pressure. And after cooling and solidification, we will get the demand size and shape of the caster wheel.

Caster Assembly

Caster assembly is the process that puts the metal parts and plastic parts together with axle bolts, screws, rivets, and wheel bearings. Every assembled cooler caster needs to pass a series of quality inspections to ensure the top quality of products.

Cooler Casters Applications

Sturdy Cooler Caster Application Reach in coolers

Reach-in coolers are widely used in restaurants, cafes, and commercial kitchens to store perishable food at safe temperatures. Pre-installed casters enable the easy mobility of reach in coolers.

Sturdy Cooler Caster Application beverage coolers

Beverage coolers are made to chill and display a wide range of beverages in retail stores, convenience stores, and supermarkets. These coolers are equipped with locking and non-locking casters for relocation.

Sturdy Cooler Caster Application ice cream coolers

Ice cream coolers are essential for ice cream parlors, dessert shops, and supermarkets selling frozen treats. Ice cream coolers usually add four heavy-duty wheels for mobility.

Sturdy Cooler Caster Application chest coolers

Chest coolers, known for their sturdy and portable design, are commonly used for outdoor activities and events, such as picnics, camping trips, and tailgate parties. Casters effortlessly transport the heavy chest coolers across any terrain.

Sturdy Cooler Caster Application cake display coolers

Cake display coolers are specifically designed for bakeries, pastry shops, and cafes to showcase their delicious cakes and pastries in an appealing and hygienic manner. Hidden casters enable easy movement for cleaning or relocating purposes.

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