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The Professional Charging Cart Caster Wheel Manufacturer for over 10 Years

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  • Smooth-rolling
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Your Trusted Charging Cart Casters Supplier

STURDY Casters has been a professional charing cart caster wheel manufacturer for over ten years.

Whether you are looking for light-duty top plate casters or heavy-duty threaded stem casters for your charging station carts, charging cabinet, or tablet charging carts, you’ve come to the right place.

Our charging cart wheels are specifically designed to change a stationary unit into a mobile charging cart. These caster wheels help you to move the charging cart easily around the place.

Sturdy charging cart casters and wheels come in different wheel diameters, materials, tread widths, mounting types, load ratings, and overall mounting heights to meet various needs.

There are thermoplastic rubber casters for noise reduction and quiet rolling and polyurethane wheels for non-marking features that provide good floor protection. Nylon, polyolefin, and plastic wheels are available. Fixed top plate casters make the cart stand still, while swivel plate or stem casters with locking brakes are designed to keep your storage carts securely in place.

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Charging Cart Casters Series

Furniture Accessories Table Swivel Casters With Polyurethane Wheels

3″, 4″, 5″ Swivel Top Plate Casters with Wheel Width 1-1/4″ for Multi-Device Charging Cart. Black Finish for Corrosion Resistance.

TV Stand Wheels

2″ Twin Wheel Plate Casters with Nylon Wheel for Charging Station Cart. Economical Choice for Moving Cart Easily.

charging cart casters threated stem

4″ x 1-1/4″ Swivel Threaded Stem Casters with Polyurethane on Polyolefin Wheel for AVer Charge Cart.

Cooler Casters

Low Profile Casters with Total Lock Brake for Laptop Charge Cabinet High Capacity and Low Height

Washing Machine Wheels

2-inch Zinc Plated Twin Wheel Casters for Light Duty Tablet Charging Cart. Total Lock Brake to Lock the Wheel and Rotation.

Cabinet Casters with Side Brake Heavy Duty

Wheel with Dust Cover and Side Brake (Lock The Wheel) for Mobile Device Charge Cart. Standard Top Plate Size 92mm x 60mm.

TPR Casters

Charging Carts on TPR Wheels are Noise-reduction and Quiet Rolling, Protecting Your Delicate Flooring.

Threaded Stem Casters Total Lock

Threaded Stem with Total Locking Brake to Lock the Wheel and Rotation simultaneously. Red Polyurethane Wheel Color.

Kitchen Island Casters

Grip Ring with Side Brake for Quick Installation and Secure the Cart in the place. Universal Caster Type for Various Charing Carts.

Heavy Duty Refrigerator Castors

Thermoplastic Rubber Wheel Provides Good Floor Protection and Great Shock Absorption.

Tool Box Casters with Polyurethane Wheel

Total Locking Casters with Black Plate and Bracket for Rust Resistance.

STD-LENVA Polyurethane Casters

Red PU Wheel with Double Ball Bearing for Higher Capacity and Quieter Mobility.

charging cart casters 5 inch swivel

5″ x 1-1/4″ Caster with Top Plate Size 93mm x 63mm for Charging Trolley.

5 inch caster wheel top plate

Swivel Top Plate with Silver Finish for Safety Charging Cabinet. Wheel with Dust Cover.

5 inch caster set of 4

Replacement Caster Set of 4 Total Locking Casters 1,000 lbs Loading Capacity. Free Bolts and Nuts are Provided.

Features of Charging Cart Casters

Low Cost
Low Cost

We offer our charging cart casters at a low price but with high quality. It’s a cost-effective way to add mobility to your cart and trolley.


quality standards
High Quality

All of our charging cart caster wheels have a 1-year warranty. We’re dedicated to supplying top-quality caster solutions for your products.

Wide Range of Application
Easy Installation

There are various types of charging cartwheel kits to meet your different kinds of needs. Each caster set comes with free bolts and nuts for simply installing the casters.

Fast Shipment
Fast Shipment

We have a large stock of top plates, brackets, bearings, and wheels to ensure customers receive their orders on time.


Charging Cart Caster Application

Low MOQs are accepted.

In Stock and Fast Shipment.

1-Year Quality Guarantee.

Sturdy and Durable.

Various Sizes and Types.

charging cart casters application

Different Caster Sets are Optional.

2 Swivel and 2 Brakes Set.

4 Locking Brakes Caster Set.

Free Samples could be offered.

Competitive Caster Wheel Pricing.

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