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If you need replacement caster wheels for your application, we supply quality replacement caster wheels for furniture, chairs, stools, displays and more.

This replacement caster wheel is nice to have on-hand to ensure there’s no downtime or frustration when you need to replace a broken caster on the equipment, furniture, or office chairs.

Don’t need to get a new piece of furniture or a new chair when you can just need to take the place of your broken casters. Save your money and time.

Find the right replacement casters for your application. Our staff can help you to choose the right products to replace your casters and wheels with quality & cost-guaranteed caster replacements.

Replacement Caster Wheels

Bird Cage Casters

Set of 4 side brake casters for bird cages replacement parts. Just screw these threaded stem wheels into the base of your bird cages’ stand. Chrome plating increases the surface hardness.

Welding Cart Replacement Wheels

Replace your welding cart’s broken casters with a set of swivel top plate replacement caster wheels. This kit allows you to move your cart with ease.

Replacement Wheels for Utility Carts

Heavy duty industrial expanding stem caster kit for utility cart, total lock brake adds an additional safety feature to stop your cart rolling when needed.

Replacement Wheels for Laundry Carts

This replacement caster wheel set is designed and manufactured specially for laundry carts. Black powder plating is anti-rust and corrosion-resistant.

Replacement Bed Casters

Sturdy bed caster wheel kit provides an easy replacement solution for your bed frames and makes the moving or shifting of beds easily.

Grill Replacement Wheels

These sturdy and durable caster kits are designed to fit many grills, such as backyard grills, metal grills, gas grills, and more.

Computer Chair Replacement Wheels

A set of 5 nylon caster wheels is universal standard size and used as replacement wheels for most computer chairs. Floor protection and heavy-duty computer chair casters are optional.

Caster Wheel Replacement Parts

One set of four rigid casters with polyurethane wheels is designed for a variety of applications, those including labs, hospitals, food service, retail, and other industrial equipment.

2 inch Replacement Caster Wheels

These 2-inch replacement casters with polyurethane wheels featuring a ball-bearing raceway allow smooth rotation. Quiet rolling and non-marking of the floors.

3 inch Replacement Caster Wheels

STURDY 3-inch Replacement Caster Wheels come in many types and materials for different applications, environments, and industries. Rubber, polyurethane, plastic, and cast iron wheels are available.

4 inch Replacement Wheels

4-inch replacement caster wheels are made of resilient rubber for good shock absorption and vibration. Zinc-plated steel frame and double ball bearings offer high load and durability.

5 inch Replacement Wheels

5-inch Replacement Caster Wheels are perfect for heavy-duty charging cabinets, trolleys, shopping carts, road cases, platform trucks, racks, displays, and other equipment.

Sturdy Replacement Caster Wheels

This type is also the hot selling type on Amazon: Rollerblade Office Chair Replacement Caster Wheels for Hard Floors With Ball Bearings.

The rollerblade casters glide smoothly on hard surfaces better than traditional hard floor casters, which won’t mark or scratch the hard floor surfaces.

These universal rollerblade casters will fit almost any office chair. Most chair casters commonly use 2″ wheels, which could be easily upgraded to a larger 3″ wheel to increase the rollability and ergonomics of the chair.

Skyrocket your casters business with a professional manufacturer you can definitely trust.

Sturdy Replacement Caster Wheels
Sturdy Replacement Caster Wheels Features

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