Sturdy Leveling Casters to Boom Your Business

The Best Leveling Retractable Casters Solution to Level Up Your Machines

  • Capacity up to 1,100 lbs per caster
  • Patented design for moving heavy machines
  • Dual wheel type for smoother movement
  • Better leveling mechanism
  • Low overall mounting height

Your #1 Leveling Casters Manufacturer

SturdyCasters is a leading leveling caster wheel manufacturer that tries to offer you a one-stop solution for leveling casters. Sturdy is the leveling caster supplier that can make custom leveling casters for you.

Those leveling casters include leveling Plate Casters, threaded-stem leveling casters, hollow kingpin leveling casters, dual-wheel design leveling casters, caster feet, and more.

Sturdy dedicates to offering one-stop solutions on leveling casters for OEM/ODM customers.

Leveling Casters Series

Sturdy Leveling Casters Decrease the Adjustable Leveling Pad

The dual wheel design covers more ground and reduces the chances of tripping incidents.

Sturdy Leveling Casters Dual-wheel Design

Adjust the knob or nut to raise or decrease the adjustable leveling pad.

Sturdy Leveling Casters Leveling Mechanism - Manual Thumbwheel

The inner leveling mechanism is the combination of orange manual thumbwheel and nut adjustment.

Sturdy Leveling Casters 360 Degree Pivoting

The casters feature a 360-degree swivel movement, which makes it easier to rotate in any direction.

Sturdy Leveling Casters Raise the Adjustable Leveling Pad

Raise the adjustable leveling pad to touch the floor that makes the equipment stationary.

Sturdy Leveling Casters Leveling Mechanism - Nut Adjustment

Use the nut adjustment by a wrench to adjust the height when moving the heavy load object.

Leveling Casters Features

Steel Construction
Steel Construction

High Quality and Thick Steel Frame. We adopt the 3.5mm thick steel for the top plate and a 3.0mm thickness for the yoke that both are thicker than the same size of other casters. 

dual wheel design
Dual Wheel Design

The dual wheel design covers more ground and reduces the chances of tripping incidents. They combine a practical and cost-effective integrated solution for excellent maneuverability, especially when standing.

creative leveling mechanism
Creative Leveling Mechanism

Leveling adjustment: the inner leveling mechanism that is the combination of the manual thumbwheel and nut adjustment for heavy-duty applications.

low height design
Low Height Design

 Low-profile leveling casters are engineered for high loads that have excellent ergonomics and integrated leveling solutions for heavy equipment, as well as to help keep the application close to its original overall height.

Durable Steel Frame for Higher Capacity

  • More suitable offset design with larger double ball bearing raceways and a steel swivel head for better spin and distribute loads evenly across the casters.
  • The casters with a powder-coated black finish for durability and are rust-resistant. It minimizes wear and tear and makes them last longer.
  • 360° Rotatable Caster: The casters feature a 360-degree swivel movement, which makes it easier to rotate in any direction.
  • You will enjoy smooth mobility at all times. Moreover, it also reduces friction and distributes load evenly.
  • Reinforced metal washer: We also open the new mold for increasing the thickness of the metal washer for the better fit of the top plate, so that the product can be more secure and reliable. ( as the thickness of the universal washer is only 1.5mm-2mm in the market, while our metal washer’s thickness is 3mm).
  • Sturdy leveling casters can support heavy loads and impact and are ideal for use in heavy manufacturing and industrial applications.
Sturdy Leveling Casters Applications
Sturdy Leveling Casters Features

Combine a Dual Wheel Design and a Leveling Mechanism

  • The wheel is made of high-quality, impact-resistant and environmentally-friendly polyamide, which means it is durable and wear-resistant, even in cold weather, it will not affect the rolling of the wheel at all.
  • Silent And Smooth Rolling: Thanks to the precision high-speed ball bearings installed on these casters, the axle offers a smooth and noise-free movement. You won’t be hearing squeaking noises when moving the equipment.
  • Moreover, thanks to the addition of the rubber pad, it can support heavy loads with great ease without making any squeaking noises.
  • Each wheel with plastic covers to prevent dust and debris from entering the wheel bearings.
  • These easy-turn leveling plate casters each have two wheels mounted on a single axle that lessen the friction between two wheels and the floor for smooth rolling. 


Combination of Manual Thumbwheel and Nut Adjustment

  • Each product is equipped with an orange removable adjustment knob, which is mainly used for manual adjustment.
  • The leveling pad is made from chemically compounded TPR (thermoplastic rubber) with the hardness of Shore D 87, perfect for non-slip and anti-vibration. Compared with other leveling pad that is made of rubber, our TPR leveling pad is environmentally friendly that won’t have the odor of rubber-like goods and its anti-aging performance is much stronger.
  • When engaged with floor surfaces, the caster uses a shock absorption pad to improve stability by securing it to the floor. After lowering the rubber pad, the attached equipment will not move. Unlike a swivel locking caster, the pad won’t wobble and will remain stable.
  • It has an overall height of 3″ and can be adjusted up to 0.5″. (The lowest overall height is 3″, the highest overall height is 3.5″)
  • Each caster has a foot with adjustable height, which can reduce vibration when your machinery is in use. Besides, the feet keep the wheels off the ground when the equipment or machine is stationary.


Sturdy Leveling Casters Features 1
Studry Leveling Casters Hex Wrench

A Simple Solution to Move and Level Your Equipment

– Easy leveling. Easy installation. Move easily.

– Weight Capacity​:

Each of the casters can handle up to 1,100 pounds of weight, and it’s perfect for heavy-duty applications.

– Comes with a 3.0mm hex wrench:

For a set of 4 leveling casters with one 3.0mm hex wrench stamped with our LOGO LENVA for easy adjustment of the height of the feet.

When you feel that the manual knob is inconvenient, you could use our custom-made wrench.

– The ground clearance is 10 mm.​

Your Reliable Leveling Caster Wheel Supplier

Sturdy Leveling Caster Wheel
Sturdy Leveling Casters Quality Testing

According to your demands, as a professional leveling casters manufacturer, Sturdy could offer the best adjustable height leveling casters.

SturdyCasters use high-quality steel parts to custom your leveling casters based on your drawings.

These leveling casters are easy to move and level your equipment. They are designed for heavy-duty and sturdy to use. It lasts longer and will keep your items stable in uneven flooring.

Our full capacity for caster wheels could give you a one-stop solution that saves both your time and money.

Choosing a suitable leveling caster can be a difficult task if you don’t have the right information.

You should be able to evaluate the design, check the quality and functionality, among other factors.

Leveling Casters Adjustable Height Type
  • Leveling Casters Adjustable Height Heavy Duty Capacity 100 Series
  • Sturdy leveling casters series contain die-cast aluminum alloy frame with a steel swivel head and an internal leveling mechanism, which is suitable for heavy applications.
  • Our superior design allows for moving your machine smoothly and evenly on uneven floors by adjusting down the adjustable leveling foot pad to level out and prevent the attached equipment from moving.
  • The wheel is made of plastic nylon, which is non-marking, durable, and strong.
  • The die-cast aluminum frame is powder-coated, which is clean, beautiful, and environmentally friendly.
  • The non-slip rubber foot pad is specially designed to absorb shock and vibrations to keep your equipment completely stationary while you are working away.
Retractable Leveling Machine Casters

Retractable Leveling Machine Casters 1,100 lbs per Caster

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Sturdy Leveling Casters in Various Applications

Sturdy Leveling Casters Applications Vending Machine

Sturdy leveling casters are ideal for machines, such as vending machines, printing machines, welding machines, and business machines.

Leveling Casters for Workbench

Sturdy leveling casters are designed to move heavy workbench to the desired location easily. And they are great for leveling your workbench on uneven floors.

Sturdy leveling casters manufacturer banner
Sturdy Leveling Casters

Skyrocket Your Casters Business with Professional Manufacturer You Can Definitely Trust.

  • “Thanks for the great quality leveling casters that move our new projects really smoothly and easily. As our equipment is every big that uses the other casters is very hard to move under heavy load.”

    Mr. Liu
  • “LENVA Leveling Casters are perfect for heavy machines and equipment. Their Casters feature great value with rugged construction. You could have a try for these casters for your new projects or heavy-duty applications.”

    Nick Wyatt
  • “Highly appreciate your great idea for recommending these casters to us. They are super easy to install and level on a sloped floor. Works perfectly! And also, thanks for your fast shipment that we receive your goods with short lead time.”

    Luis Torres

Sturdy: Your Leading Leveling Casters Manufacturer

Whether do you want to make your equipment both mobile or completely stationary? Have you ever had your mobile workstation in the warehouse or manufacturing facilities on an uneven surface? Your tools, equipment, and cart were rolling all over the place.

Is it difficult to move a piece of equipment or object being semi-permanent or installed into a relatively permanent position for years? These are commonly seen on heavy equipment that is typically stationary but needs to be moved from time to time for cleaning or relocating.

It is with this scenario in mind that Sturdy Caster has developed its Leveling Casters as the best solution to these problems, which has been conceptualized as a mounting for machinery and facilities with a maximum loading capacity of 500 kg per unit.

Our 2-inch heavy-duty, plate-mounted leveling machine casters are designed and engineered so that each caster can easily move up to 1,100 LBS!

This new item is the revolutionary adjustable leveling caster designed for easy moving and level setting of machines and equipment with a low profile design! Leveling Casters allow you to level the equipment or machine on uneven floors by adjusting the knob or nut to raise or decrease the adjustable leveling pad.

It also enables to move an object from one place to another and operate the levels to lift the caster wheels off the ground. Mobile machines, working platforms, and transport equipment can be equipped with lifting castors and be converted into stable working surfaces.

This caster type combines the following three functions: move smoothly, level securely, and lock a caster in a specific location. It offers the functionality of three products for the price of one and provides a cost-effective and simpler way to move and level your machines, equipment, and workstations.

Sturdy adjustable leveling casters are designed to move your heavy machinery or equipment into the desired location while also providing the capability of leveling and stabilizing to assure a solid foundation, especially on uneven floor surfaces.

As the floors are not always flat, it’s challenging to manage the mobile work tables or carts. Just mount it to the equipment, move it to the desired place, adjust the leveling footpad, and level it off to provide security for your most valuable assets. Also, you will be assured extra stability with the Leveling foot.

Sturdy Leveling Casters are the best solution to facilitate the lifting, movement, positioning, and leveling of your heavy machinery.

Sturdy Leveling Casters

What is Leveling Caster?

Leveling caster (or leveling castor) is an adjustable height caster that combines the functions of swivel casters and leveling feet. It combines caster and leveling foot that provides a simple solution to keep items completely stationary or mobile.

These heavy-duty adjustable leveling casters add a degree of mobility and practicality to the large machine and other workshop accessories, which require an accurate horizontal surface.

If the equipment needs to be moved, raise the anti-vibration pad, could push the equipment freely. If the item needs to be fixed in place, lower the leveling pad until it is pressed against the floor, then the item will be stable (also could relieve the wheel of the item’s weight to prolong the service life of caster wheels).
As the name implies, leveling casters will keep your equipment and application level.

Leveling casters can level and support a variety of industrial machinery and equipment. We know that the ground isn’t always flat, making it more challenging to use a table or cart. But with adjustable pads, leveling casters could add extra stability and help to turntable or cart into a stable and level workspace.

5 Key Benefits of Sturdy Leveling Casters
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Higher Capacity
  • Mobility
  • Stability
  • Adjustability

First and foremost, caster wheel price plays a crucial part in your whole project. Compared to the list price of US$50 – US$300, a Sturdy leveling caster cost about US$5 – US$10 depending on the quantity you want to order.

Sturdy leveling caster wheel features the dual-wheel, each wheel with ball bearing that could bear a higher capacity than other leveling caster types with the same wheel size.

When it comes to mobility, sturdy leveling casters allow users to roll their applications and set them into position. And later reposition the equipment over and over again if desired.

Once you’ve decided where you would like to position your application, a Sturdy anti-vibration leveling footpad offers firm stability on the ground, making the machine stationary.

The adjustability of a Sturdy leveling caster allows you to adjust the height of an object to adapt to uneven floors easily by a wrench. This helps give you a level load and optimum balance to achieve accurate calibration.

How does a Sturdy Leveling Caster Work?



Sturdy Leveling Casters Applications

Sturdy Leveling casters are great for institutional and commercial applications, as well as in the home and office. Take units off of their wheels whenever you need with these leveling casters.

Applications include a workbench, computer racks, work tables, weld tables, business machines, vending machines, heavy equipment, copiers, printers, conveyor stands, medical equipment, laboratory equipment, electronic enclosures, manufacturing machinery, shop equipment, diagnostic equipment, food processing plants, and more.

Also, Sturdy leveling casters are designed for the inclined surface as the floor is not always flat. Leveling casters are an excellent solution to solve this problem. 

Sturdy Leveling Casters Applications Welding Table Sturdy Leveling Casters Applications Commercial Refrigerators Sturdy Leveling Casters Applications Metalworking Machinery Sturdy Leveling Casters Applications Oven Sturdy Leveling Casters Applications Printing Machine Sturdy Leveling Casters Applications Vending Machine

Please click here for more applications to help you find the highest-quality casters with the best possible prices. 

What to Consider When Choosing Leveling Casters?

Whether do you want your apparatus to be both mobile and entirely motionless? Have you ever had your equipment in your warehouse or manufacturing plant moved around on an uneven surface? Were your tools, equipment, and carts rolling around with spare parts all over the place while in motion?

Is it hard to transport heavy equipment that is not moved very often to another location for easy cleaning or repositioning? Do you trip over the brakes of casters that are protruding from the bottom of the facility?
Flexibility is one of the critical features of modern manufacturing facilities. Lifting and lowering transport equipment and move units is becoming more critical, especially when mobility is increasingly important.

It is no longer common to install a machine or piece of equipment into a relatively fixed position and keep it in place for years.
With this situation in mind, Sturdy Casters have developed leveling casters as the best solution to these problems.

Leveling casters could keep the equipment from wobbling and be significantly used on uneven floors. Save your effort, easy height adjustment, and flexible movement. The internal leveling mechanism is an alternative to caster brakes.

When the leveling pad is pressed against the floor and lifts the casters off the ground, it could reduce the casters of the unit’s weight and secure the machine’s stability.
The leveling caster type combines three functions (great flexibility, secured leveling, and locking the equipment in a specific location). It offers a cost-effective and more accessible way to level up your business and move your machines.

So, choosing the right leveling casters can significantly improve your work efficiency and save you time & money.

What Are Types of Leveling Casters?

There are mainly four common types of leveling casters available on the market now: Leveling Plate Casters, Threaded-Stem Leveling Casters, Hollow Kingpin (Bolt Hole) Leveling Casters, Dual-wheel design leveling casters.

– Leveling Plate Casters
Leveling plate casters have the top plate option that allows you to screw or bolt the mounting plate to the bottom of the equipment using four bolt holes. Or also, you could weld it directly to the machine.

-Threaded Stem Leveling Casters
Threaded stem leveling casters are the most commonly used type in the category of stem casters. With a threaded stem on top, you could screw it into a threaded hole, caster yokes, tubes, or socket on the device.
After screwing into the threaded hole and placing a nut on top, you can thread into it directly if the equipment doesn’t need a nut.

-Hollow Kingpin (Stemless) Leveling Casters
When you have a threaded stem insert on the bottom that may not be a standard size, you can use hollow kingpin leveling casters. It allows you to put your bolts through the bolt hole.
With stemless leveling casters, you can use various stem sizes and types, as well as your combination of fasteners and washers, to install casters.

-Dual Wheel Leveling Casters
Dual wheel leveling casters (also as easy turn leveling plate casters) mean each with two wheels mounted on a single screw. They will reduce friction between the two wheels and the ground, making the dual wheel leveling casters roll smoothly than single wheel leveling casters.
The double wheel design offers better load distribution. It covers more floors that could lessen the chance of tripping accidents, which provides a practical and cost-effective integrated solution with smooth rolling and easy swiveling.
They can withstand heavy loads and shocks and are perfect for reconfigurable machinery and heavy manufacturing production lines.

How Many Types of Adjustment Style for Leveling Casters?

Leveling casters have four different types of adjustment styles to adjust the leveling pads as the followings:

  • Manual thumbwheel
  • Ratchets
  • Nut adjustment
  • Combination of manual thumbwheel and nut adjustment

Four Different Types of Adjustment Styles

The standard adjustment is manual thumbwheel style, while it is suitable for light or medium-duty applications. Use your thumb or finger to turn the thumbwheel to raise or lower the leveling adjustment pad.

Ratchet adjustment is an option for heavier loads. Simply fold the ratchet out, raise or lower the leveling rubber pad, and then fold the ratchet back in. The ratchet can be pulled out for easy adjustment and retracted when not in use.

A nut-adjustable leveling wheel can be used for heavier loading capacity. Use the open-ended wrench to turn the nut to move the leveling pad.

While our Sturdy Lenva Casters have the fourth adjustment style of leveling casters: the combination of manual thumbwheel and nut adjustment (either by hand or a wrench). 

Each Sturdy caster has an orange removable adjustment knob, which is mainly used for manual adjustment. We specifically add one nut above the thumbwheel; a wrench could easily turn to adjust the leveling pad under heavy loads. And when bearing the heavier loads, you could still use the nut adjustment to move the leveling pad.

What are the Features of Other Types of Leveling Casters?

The most significant feature is to move and level your device with raising or lowering leveling feet that make your equipment mobile or completely stationary. It allows your stationary table to become mobile and then back to static. Simple operation and easy adjustment.

The next one is allowing you to level out your table or equipment on uneven ground while absorbing shock and vibrations. And after installing suitable numbers of leveling casters, could easily move any piece of equipment could into a specific location. 

And leveling casters also have a low-profile feature that keeps the operation close to its original overall height. 

Leveling casters allow for quiet operation and easy positioning. Once it’s in position, the foot is dropped with either a die-cast aluminum pad or an anti-vibration rubber pad, which can be adjusted using either a wrench or handwheel to make sure that the final position is perfectly level. Thus this is an ideal solution for reducing noise when in motion. 

The internal leveling part of the leveling caster is an alternative to caster brakes. But unlike a locking caster, the leveling pad won’t move side to side and will remain steady. 

How to Calculate Weight Capacities when Choosing a Leveling Caster?

There are many factors to consider before selecting the right leveling caster wheel for your heavy-duty application. But one of the most important things is calculating weight capacities for leveling casters.

The first thing is to determine the maximum load weight you would like your apparatus to hold. For example, you would like your cart to hold a max load weight of 10,000 pounds. Once you have this information in mind, go to the next step.

The second step is to include a safety margin when selecting the casters. We recommend the loading capacity used should be half of the stated capacity (each leveling caster will have a rated weight on the website and the catalog). For example, if four casters and each caster is rated for 1,100 pounds, the overall capacity for four casters is 4,400 pounds, then the recommended capacity is 2,200 pounds.

As it’s very difficult to raise or lower the leveling pad by tools under full capacity.

Also, if placing too much weight capacity on the leveling casters will cause a caster failure or create a dangerous situation. Because not all casters to distribute the weight evenly when transporting the goods.
Another reason is that when raising or lowering the leveling pad of casters, the unit’s weight will be applied on 1-2 casters temporarily (not all casters bear the whole unit’s load).

The above two steps will help you calculate weight capacity and find the ideal leveling casters for your applications.

How to Install Leveling Casters?

There are three ways to install leveling casters: the first is top plate mounting installation, the second type is stem mounting, and the last is welding the leveling casters to the base of the unit directly.

Top plate mounting casters installation: top plate usually has four mounting holes to use screws or bolts to attach it on a flat surface, such as a workbench’s bottom or work table’s base. Position the casters first, mark the installation place next, finally drill the holes and install casters. 

Stem-mount casters installation: It commonly uses threaded stem type for leveling casters. It’s an excellent option to use threaded stem mounted casters, as the threaded stem will have different lengths and diameters to meet a variety of requirements. It can be screwed to a threaded hole that matches the same type and diameter of threads. Or also can be fastened by a nut and washer on the other side to keep the unit stable. 

Another option is welding installation (for both zinc plated or unplated casters). Sometimes, drilling holes are not very convenient, and depending on the application, welding the caster becomes the right choice. However, we do not recommend the welding installation, and there are two reasons. First, it becomes rusty quickly. Second, it can be harder to replace a caster than the stem mounting or plate-mount method.

How to Use other Leveling Casters? 

Each leveling caster has a height-adjustable leveling pad, non-slip, shock-absorbing, and anti-vibration. The footpads are molded with more contact points to provide a better grip on the floor, keeping your casters on the ground to give you better peace of mind while working.

If the unit needs to be moved, simply raise the level pad to lower the casters, and the caster rolls across the floor. You can easily and quickly move the equipment to a new desired position.

Once positioned in the exact location, lower the leveling pad until the anti-shock pad is pressed against the ground. The wheels are lifted off the ground, which reduces the wheels’ weight and prevents the casters from rolling, and keeps the unit completely stationary.

If it’s tough to adjust the leveling pad under heavyweight, use tools such as a wrench to complete this. 

How Sturdy Leveling Casters Support the Amazon or Other Retail Platforms Sellers?

As the professional leveling caster wheels manufacturer, Sturdy casters have the following ways to support the Amazon or other retail platform sellers.

Product Images: Brand new product images will be photographed as per the Amazon and other retail platforms’ requirements; all of these images are free of charge.

Packing: Set of 4 level casters packed in one box. The instruction book also could be filled with 4 casters for you as the requirement. 

Labels: we have a label printer to print the Amazon labels and shipping labels for your orders. 

LOGO: Your LOGO could be stamped on the leveling caster yokes or wheels. Both are accepted. 

Drop-shipping: if you would like to start your drop-shipping business of retractable leveling machine casters, STURDY caster is the right supplier for you. Stock leveling casters are available for next-day delivery from our factory.


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