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LENVA is a top brand of Sturdy Casters Co., which has been one of the leading manufacturers of casters and wheels. With many years of caster experience, the Lenva casters series are designed to perform well in harsh environments.

Serving all types of industry, Sturdy Lenva casters are perfect for rolling your office chairs, workbenches, warehouse equipment, manufacturing machines, and other large objects.

Lenva casters deliver the most reliable and cost-effective products to meet your mobility needs.

Consult with our caster expert to help you find the right caster solutions.

LENVA Casters Series

LENVA 3 Inch Black Rollerblade Caster Wheels for Office Chair Replacement Wheels

LENVA 3 Inch Black Rollerblade Caster Wheels for Office Chair Replacement Wheels

LENVA 4 Inch Dolly Casters Top Plate with Dual Locking Brake

LENVA 4 Inch Dolly Casters Top Plate with Dual Locking Brake and Plastic Cover

LENVA 3 inch Replacement Caster Wheel for Mop Buckets

LENVA 3 inch Replacement Caster Wheel for Mop Buckets Thermoplastic Rubber Wheel

Furniture Accessories Table Swivel Casters With Polyurethane Wheels

Furniture Accessories Table Swivel Casters With Polyurethane Wheels Heavy Load

Replacement Caster Wheels for Office Chair

LENVA Replacement Caster Wheels for Office Chair Higher Capacity Smoother Rolling

Workbench Casters with Polyurethane Wheels Heavy Duty Swivel Top Plate

LENVA Workbench Casters with Polyurethane Wheels Heavy Duty Swivel Top Plate

Tool Box Casters with Polyurethane Wheel

LENVA Tool Box Casters with Polyurethane Wheel Total Lock Brake Top Plate Mounted

Stool Casters Stem Design with Polyurethane Wheel for High Loads

LENVA Stool Casters Stem Design with Polyurethane Wheel for High Loads

Refrigerator Casters Swivel Top Plate Mounted Heavy Duty Low Profile Design

LENVA Refrigerator Casters Swivel Top Plate Mounted Heavy Duty Design

Case Casters Swivel Top Plate

LENVA Case Casters Swivel Top Plate Zinc Plated to Resist Corrosion or Rust

Cabinet Casters with Side Brake Heavy Duty

Lenva Cabinet Casters with Side Brake to Lock the Wheel and Heavy Duty Application

Washing Machine Wheels

Dual thermoplastic Wheels for Floor Protection and Easy Rolling Top Plate

STD-LENVA Polyurethane Casters

Heavy Duty Polyurethane Tread on Polyolefin Core Wheel for Floor Protection and Durability

Gate Casters

STD-LENVA Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Gate Casters Designed for Swinging Style Gates

2.5 inch Caster Wheels

2.5” Clear Polyurethane Casters with Precision Ball Bearing Universal Stem Size

Featured STD-LENVA Casters (9)

Sturdy Lenva Casters Benefits

Quality Check
100% Quality Control

Sturdy guarantees strict quality control of all Lenva caster products at the production stage. We assure you that our LENVA casters series conform to CE and RoHS regulations.


Low Cost
Low Cost

Sturdy Lenva casters offers an affordable manufacturing process for producing caster and wheel. The automatic production and cost-effective materials will significantly control the Lenva caster wheel price.

1-Year Quality Warranty
1-Year Quality Guarantee

All LENVA Series of Sturdy casters company are backed by a 1 year warranty to ensure you get the most suitable products for your applications.

Fast Shipment
Fast Shipment

Sturdy Lenva casters have large stock for popular styles and sizes to guarantee quick shipping for your caster order. It means that we can reduce your waiting time but with guaranteed quality products.

LENVA Casters Market

Sturdy Lenva casters have built a good relationship with our clients as the followings:

  • Rollerblade office chair casters in USA
  • Dolly casters for the Canadian market
  • Heavy duty industrial casters for Europe
  • Ball caster wheels are widely used in Japan
  • Leveling casters for Australia
Lenva Casters Market
Lenva Casters Manufacturing

Lenva Casters Manufacturing

Sturdy Lenva casters take advantage of the advanced manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art production facilities to make premium quality casters.

We manufacture Lenva casters with high performance by strict operations, and the manufacturing steps are as below:

  • 1. Stamping
  • 2. Surface treatment
  • 3. Plastic Injection
  • 4. Assembly
  • 5. Quality Testing
  • 6. Shipment

Why Buy LENVA products from Sturdy Casters?

  • Quality:
    • All of Lenva Casters pass the Endurance and Obstacle Test.
    • 1-Year Quality Guarantee for longer-lasting and service of casters to reduce your costs of maintenance and repair.
  • Delivery: We stock our brand Lenva Casters to ensure fast shipping for every order. Also, you donʼt need to stock our casters for saving your cost and warehouse space.
  • Free Samples could be sent to you for quality checking before your first order.
  • No MOQ requirement for LENVA series casters. Dropshipping orders accepted.
  • Send us your inquiry and Sturdy will give you the best solution for your caster wheels orders.
Why Sturdy Lenva Casters

Your Reliable Custom Caster Wheel Supplier

Sturdy Lenva Casters Application
Sturdy Lenva Casters

LENVA is the brand of Sturdy Casters, which is a professional caster wheel supplier in Xiaolan of China. Sturdy tends to offer you a one-stop solution for your caster wheel and material handling needs.

Sturdy Lenva Casters can make different kinds of caster wheels for you. They are rollerblade office chair casters, workbench casters, toolbox casters, cart casters, moving casters, cabinet casters, and so on.

Sturdy could customize the caster wheel material and caster wheel parts for you. We will choose the raw material to make the samples based on your drawings.

We could also add other unique features to your custom casters, such as high temperature, low temperature, antimicrobial, anti-rust, floor protection, and more.

As a professional caster supplier, Sturdy casters strictly control the quality of the manufacturing process to offer you high-quality casters consistently.

As a caster specialist, Sturdy boasts superior quality at a competitive price. Our total capacity of caster wheels can offer a short lead time for better overall efficiency.

Send us the drawing now, and you will get a perfect caster for your applications.

Polular Lenva Casters

Sturdyʼs most popular products, like rollerblade office chair casters, cart casters, moving casters, workbench casters, tool box casters and much more are stamped with our brand LENVA.

The most popular LENVA casters include:

  • Rollerblade Office Chair Casters
  • Cart Casters
  • Moving Casters
  • Workbench Casters
  • Tool Box Casters
  • Stool Casters
  • Refrigerator Casters
  • Case Casters
  • Cabinet Casters
  • Replacement Caster Wheels
Sturdy Lenva Focus

Focus on improving the product’s quality. Focus on enhancing the end user’s experience. Those two sentences are always printed on our cartons.

Sturdy casters company are dedicated to caster design and processing capacity of professional development integration and manufacturing.

We focus on every tiny detail. From the initial purchase of raw material, stamping, assembly, and shipment, Sturdy Lenva casters strictly control the quality and procedure, aiming to achieve the highest quality and precisely controlled production time, getting you to the market quickly with the highest standard product.

High-quality products could save your time to deal with the quality issue and customer service and reduce more costs on the returned goods.

Sturdy Lenva Caster Kits

2 Inch Heavy Duty Threaded Stem Casters Set of 4
  • Wheel Size: 2” Diameter
  • Package: Include 4 casters + 1 Wrench + Nuts
  • Material: Premium Polyurethane on Polyolefin
  • Loading Capacity: Total 600 lbs (150 lbs each caster)
  • Bearing: Ball Bearing
  • Features: Heavy Duty, Durable and Universal
Lenva Casters 3 Inch Threaded Stem Casters Set
  • Wheel Size: 3” Diameter
  • Package: Include 4 casters + Nuts
  • Material: Thermoplastic Rubber
  • Loading Capacity: Total 600 lbs (150 lbs each caster)
  • Bearing: Plain Bearing
  • Features: Quiet and Smooth Rolling
Set of 4 Heavy Duty Plate Casters with Brake
  • Wheel Size: 2” Diameter
  • Package: Include 4 casters +Screws+ Washers
  • Material: Thermoplastic Rubber
  • Loading Capacity: Total 880 lbs (220 lbs each caster)
  • Bearing: Plain Bearing
  • Features: Quiet and Smooth Rolling, Durable
Office Chair Casters Rollerblade Style Set of 5
  • Wheel Size: 3” Diameter
  • Package: Include 5 casters 
  • Material: Clear Polyurethane
  • Loading Capacity: Total 300 lbs (60 lbs each caster)
  • Bearing: Ball Bearing
  • Features: Universal Stem for Easy Installation and Replacement
Heavy Duty Casters Set Top Plate 4 Pack
  • Wheel Size: 2” Diameter
  • Package: Include 4 casters + 1 screwdriver + screws + washers
  • Material: Polyurethane on Polyolefin
  • Loading Capacity: Total 880 lbs (220 lbs each caster)
  • Bearing: Ball Bearing
  • Features: Heavy Duty Design
Heavy Duty Office Chair Casters Set of 5 Universal Stem
  • Wheel Size: 3” Diameter
  • Package: Include 5 casters
  • Material: Thermoplastic Rubber
  • Loading Capacity: Total 1100 lbs (220 lbs each caster)
  • Bearing: Ball Bearing
  • Features: Heavy Duty Design for Office Chair, Floor Protection and Smooth Rolling
Lenva Casters
Sturdy Lenva Casters

Moving Your Business Forward with Sturdy LENVA Casters!

Sturdy Lenva Caster Features

Sturdy Lenva casters have a wide selection of casters; if divided by rolling direction, there are swivel casters, rigid casters, and locking casters.

At the same time, light duty casters, light-medium duty casters, medium duty casters, heavy-duty casters, and super heavy-duty casters fall into the category of loading capacity. And by mounting types, we have plate casters, stem casters, hollow kingpin casters, kingpinless casters.

A sturdy Lenva caster allows for moving heavy industrial equipment, machinery, and home furniture easily and smoothly. Caster wheels are small parts of the equipment, but significantly improve efficiency and reduce the effort to roll the heavy machine.

Caster adds safety to manufacturing, especially for modern manufacturing. We could provide the right caster wheels for your application to reduce injury in the workplace, like hearing loss.

Sturdy Lenva polyurethane wheels, thermoplastic wheels feature quiet rolling and anti-impact. According to the report, hearing loss is the second most common illness in the workshops.

As one of the premier caster wheel suppliers, we always focus on manufacturing high-quality castor wheels on time at an affordable price. We tend to offer a one-stop-shop for all your caster and wheel needs.

We are moving forward with constant progress to keep pace with the world and moving on to make your life more convenient. The sturdy caster keeps rolling constantly.

Lenva casters provide a one-stop-shop service that is not only flexible but customizable. We continuously innovate and develop to better understand customers’ needs.

Growing from nothing and continually striving for breakthroughs and challenges, achieving superior quality and top services to exceed customers’ expectations in the industry. We continue to invest in the latest innovation and strengthen product competitiveness.

Our products are extensively applied to industrial, medical, home furniture, retail, logistics, and commerce that cannot stop moving.

Sturdy caster is looking forward to being your next caster wheel OEM manufacturer, provider, and wholesaler. We devoted ourselves to being your trusted and reliable partner in the caster industry.

In the future, we will continue innovation, design, and development. Sturdy will provide critical solutions for casters and assist customers in creating better products, making progress, and skyrocketing business.

Send us your inquiry, and Sturdy will give you the best solution for your caster wheels orders.


5 Benefits of Using Sturdy Lenva Casters
  • Competitive pricing
  • Add safety factor
  • Save your time & money
  • Better workplace productivity
  • Floor Protection

– Competitive pricing

Sturdy Lenva casters series maintains a large inventory of the raw material, components, and finished parts – all are ready for quick shipment.
Firstly, we could purchase a large number of steel sheets, bearings, wheel material based at a lower cost than others.
Secondly, this enables fast shipment time for your bulk orders. Especially during the Covid, as we all know that the ocean freight rate soared nearly 300% in 2021. The rate is different every month. So the sooner the lead time, the better to catch up with the latest vessel, which helps to reduce the shipping cost.

– Add safety factor
Sturdy Lenva casters are properly and ergonomically designed to offer a much safer working condition and less injury. This is because it’s much easier to move heavy loads. Lenva casters, with added safety factors could lessen the physical strains and stresses on your employees.

– Save your time & money
Many types of caster sets are available for Sturdy Lenva Series, such as toolbox caster set, workbench caster set, antique caster set, heavy duty caster set, stool caster set, file cabinet caster kit, and a lot more.
Each Lenva caster kit comes with a complimentary set of screws, nuts, washers, and wrenches for simple and easy installation. It’s cost and time saving to buy a caster kit.

– Better workplace productivity
All Lenva casters are backed by a 1-year warranty, which means Sturdy always strives to provide better quality caster wheels to customers. High-quality casters are proven to be efficient in improving workplace productivity and increasing speed throughout your warehouse.

– Floor Protection
Sturdy Lenva polyurethane and thermoplastic rubber wheels are significantly suitable for almost any surface type. Even if carrying heavy load, Lenva casters won’t scratch or damage the floor’s surface with good floor protection.

Lenva Caster Applications

Sturdy Lenva Casters are well-received by the market. Lenva caster wheels come in dozens of material types that are used in a variety of applications. Some of the caster applications are listed below:

  • Bird Cage Casters
  • Box Casters
  • Chair Casters
  • Bed Casters
  • Garden Cart Wheels
  • Workbench Casters
  • Hotel Casters
  • Gate Casters
  • Washing Machine Wheels
  • Table Casters
  • Dog Crate Wheels
  • Laundry Trolley Wheels
  • Automotive Casters
  • Kitchen Island Casters
  • Moving Casters
  • Scaffolding Casters
  • Shelf Casters
  • Workshop Casters
  • Dolly Casters
  • Planter Casters
  • Stool Casters
  • TV Stand Casters
  • Machinery Casters
  • Cabinet Casters
  • Case Casters
  • Display Casters

Parts of Applications:

Sturdy LENVA Caster Applications Office Chair
Office Chair
Sturdy LENVA Caster Applications Flower Stand
Flower Stand
Sturdy LENVA Caster Applications Heavy Equipment
Heavy Equipment
Sturdy LENVA Caster Applications Wood Pallet
Wood Pallet
Sturdy LENVA Caster Applications Washing Machine
Washing Machine
Sturdy LENVA Caster Applications Workbench
Sturdy LENVA Caster Applications Working Table
Working Table
Sturdy LENVA Caster Applications Workbench (1)
Sturdy Lenva Caster Kit / Caster Set

Even transporting very light items should benefit from the performance of casters and wheels. That’s why we’re dedicated to designing durable and smooth-rolling caster sets for various industries.

At Sturdy, from daily life to modern manufacturing workshop, you’ll always find various highly suitable caster sets that combine the load-bearing requirements you need with the quality manufacturing you want.

All Lenva Caster sets will be supplied with a free mounting hardware kit, such as wrench, screws, nuts, washers, gaskets, etc. Sturdy caster wheel set is designed to make your caster purchasing work easier.

Lenva Heavy Duty Caster Set

It helps to save your time, as you don’t need to buy any hardware kit from other places. Also don’t need to prepare too much stock, as we have the inventory for all Lenva caster kit series. From heavy-duty workbench caster set to office chair caster set, you’ll get the caster kits quickly without a hassle.

We pride ourselves on offering great convenience to our customers, which is why we supply different kinds of caster sets. It means you always have matched pairs for easy replacement and installation. In addition, Sturdy has the professional experience to provide custom caster kits to you.


A sturdy caster kit has the following configurations:

#1 Set of 5: rollerblade caster wheels for office chair

#2 Set of 4: 4 swivel caster wheels

#3 Set of 4: 4 swivel casters with brakes

#4 Set of 4: 2 swivel casters and 2 rigid casters

#5 Set of 4: 2 swivel casters with brakes and 2 rigid casters

Lenva caster sets are ideal for office chairs, workbenches, tool boxes, tables, carts, and many other material handling applications.

Take workbench caster kit, for example:

Lenva Workbench Caster Kit

This set contains 4 swivel top plate casters with brakes; each caster wheel is packed with one PE plastic bag. And then equipped with 16 pcs screws, 16 pcs nuts, and 16 pcs gaskets.
All mounting hardware is packed in small plastic bags to avoid scratching the products. It’s convenient and easy for you to install the caster set in your workbench.

While like office chair replacement caster wheels, set of 5 rollerblade style casters ideally for hardwood floors and carpet. Lenva office chair caster sets add one more instruction book for your installation reference.

Each Sturdy Lenva caster set is made to support active use and ensure a smooth ride, providing you with top-notch performance at the most competitive prices. Whether you want brand new casters for the office chair or a toolbox caster set for replacement, we have you covered.

Other types of caster sets with different kinds of packing are optional, such as packed in one color box or blister packaging.

Other Types of Packing for Lenva Caster Kit

All Lenva caster wheel sets are in stock for prompt shipping. Send us an inquiry now to get the perfect caster set for your applications.

How to download the Sturdy caster catalogue?

It’s pretty quick and easy to download a free copy of the sturdy caster wheel catalog PDF.
Firstly, click our homepage https://www.sturdycasters.com/. On this page, you can access the catalog of our entire series with detailed specifications of the caster wheel.

Secondly, drag the mouse down to the bottom of the homepage.

Lastly, click the words “Caster Wheels Catalogue,” then could download and save it to your desktop for easier and faster access in browsing our complete catalog of casters.

Caster wheel CAD is also available for most Sturdy castors and wheels. Just send us your inquiry and get back CAD drawings or designs of the caster wheel. All are free of charge.

Lenva Casters Quality Guarantee

Every LENVA caster is backed by a 1-year warranty from the date of its original purchase. This quality guarantee policy will ensure you get the most out of your caster orders.

1 year quality warranty

High quality is always the top priority since the establishment of Sturdy casters each production step will be tested carefully by our quality inspectors. Sturdy Lenva Casters are, first and foremost, quality-based.

Sturdy could still provide quality casters that conform with the CE / RoHS regulations. Those RoHS and CE mark compliant casters are long-lasting products that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Lenva Casters conform with the CE RoHS regulations


Do you have any stock for the Lenva caster wheels series?

We all understand that the work environment in today’s society is fast-paced. That’s why we invest in a large inventory of caster wheels to expedite delivery.
Sturdy strives to provide top-notch casters for our customers worldwide, with an emphasis on speed and supportive service. When you buy casters from Sturdy, you never have to compromise on price, quality, or delivery time.

As one of the industry’s caster specialists and stocking manufacturers, we stock all Lenva casters in components or finished goods that are lubricated for inventory.
Thanks to we have an extensive inventory that we can ship most of our casters and wheels within a few business working days after receiving your order. This means that you can reduce the waiting time for your order without compromising on quality, while significantly increasing your goods’ turnaround.
The stock allows us quick shipping without delay and the flexibility to custom manufacturing all your caster orders.

You don’t need to make a large inventory for Lenva casters, which could save your cash flow.
And we will inspect all Lenva casters before the delivery to avoid any defects. You could also build your custom manufactured casters besides the inventory.

Do you have any support for Amazon casters sellers?

If you are selling on Amazon and looking to find a reliable caster wheel factory in China, Sturdy will be your best choice.
Sturdy casters have much experience dealing with orders from Amazon sellers that save all your time and money. From small caster wheels to heavy-duty casters, we could handle all those caster wheel orders from Amazon. Then you could focus on your marketing and sales, leaving other things of casters to us.

We can arrange the following things:
We will take the products’ images.
The complete set of product images that meet Amazon’s requirements is available to you. All pictures are offered free of charge. Then you could start your Amazon seller business at the earliest time.

We could pack the caster set (castor set), such as a set of 4 (4 pack) or a set of 5 (5 pack) based on the requirement. Each caster set could be paired with the screws and nuts for easy installation. These caster sets are the perfect replacement for carts, office chairs, toolboxes, and other equipment.

We have a label printer that could help you print shipping labels and FNSKU with the information provided. Then we will stick these labels or any other labels before the shipment. You don’t need to pay extra for someone else to stick the labels.

Sturdy Lenva Labeling for Amazon FBA Shipment (1)

Shipment to Amazon FBA
Suppose you need us to ship casters from China to warehouses of US FBA, Germany FBA, UK FBA, Australia FBA, India FBA, or any other FBA warehouse. In that case, Sturdy could always deal with all related work for your Amazon casters’ orders.

Sturdy Lenva casters will be your best caster wheel wholesaler, providing competitive prices, quick lead time, and best service.

How Lenva caster wheels are manufactured?

Well, there are lots of caster wheels available in the market, but do you know how they are manufactured?

Keep on reading the complete manufacturing process guide from Sturdy Lenva casters to know “how do we do it”.

This guide will provide descriptions of each step of the production of caster wheels starting from raw material.

Casters are generally divided into two major parts: plastic and hardware, which have different production processes.

Hardware parts include a top plate, yokes, ball-bearing raceways, etc. Wheel parts have the plank wheel, bearings, bearing covers, etc.

Below are further details of these two parts.

1 Manufacturing process for hardware parts

Step 1: Metal Molding Manufacturing
This is where we begin to make the casters from the concept. After confirming all specifications of caster wheels, then start tool making. We make all of the metal moldings and stamping moldings our own. This enables us to produce custom casters for you. Meanwhile, regular tool maintenance and repairs could ensure the production capacity.

Step 2: Roll Sheet Cutting
After receiving the coil steel sheet, our technician will cut the roll sheet to different sizes as there are different kinds of caster sizes and top plate dimensions.

Lenva Casters Manufacturing Roll Sheet Cutting

Step 3: Stamping / Forming
Our comprehensive stamping machines, like CNC punching machines, automatic machines, hydraulic press machines, ensure that thicker steel sheets can be stamped and formed without any failure. Stamping workshop processes the production line of bending, stretching, forming, drilling holes.

Lenva Caster Wheel Stamping

Step 4: Welding
The extra process of welding the caster yoke is needed for heavy-duty or super heavy-duty casters. Double welded legs could increase the strength and loading capacity than typical caster types. Our experienced welding staff consistently ensure the welded joint quality by manual and automatic welding processes.

Step 5: Surface Plating
There are various surface plating options for your selection, such as zinc plating, chrome finish plating, brass plating, and more. Surface plating to caster hardware parts could not only provide an attractive appearance but also increase chemical resistance for anti-rust and anti-corrosion.


2 Manufacturing processes for wheel parts

Step 1 Plastic injection molding
Plastic injection molding plays an important role prior to mass production. As the wheel part is different from the hardware part, most of the wheels are made by one-step injection molding. The appearance of wheel size, performance, and other parameters are molded after injection and forming. This could not be changed. So, it’s essential to ensure the accuracy of plastic injection molding.

Sturdy has a variety of injection molding machines that could produce many wheels, like nylon wheels, polyolefin wheels, polyurethane wheels, TPE wheels, TPR wheels, high temp wheels, and a lot more. And the cycle time for each molding set is customized for different caster wheel materials.

Step 2 Drying plastic resins
Drying plastic resins is the process for dehumidifying resins to avoid the problems that may be caused by too much moisture in the plastic pellet.

Step 3 Injection and Forming
Fill the dried plastic resins into the injection machine. After the specific cycle time, the wheel will be formed and completed. Cut the edge gate of the wheel tread and then cool down the wheels. Plastic wheels are usually cooled naturally by water.

Lenva Caster Wheel injection

Step 4 Assemble the bearings to the wheel
The last step for wheel parts is assembling the bearings to the wheel. It could be finished by automatic machine or by manual. It depends on the wheel size; smaller wheels such as the 1-inch wheel, 1.5-inch wheel, 2-inch wheel, etc., could be assembled by automatic machine.

3 Manufacturing process for hardware + wheel parts

After completing the above two individual processes for each part, then the assembly workshop for these two components comes together. For yoke and wheel assembly, it’s a combination of manual labor and semi-automatic production lines. This leads to the economical, efficient assembly work for producing the highest quality caster wheels.

For semi-automatic production lines, could accept the large quantity orders. Small orders could be completed manually.

Lenva Casters Assembly
Lenva Casters Assembly

Finally, pack the finished caster and wheel products. According to the requirements, there are consumer packing for casters (could be sold directly in the supermarket or hardware store), suitable packing way for Amazon sellers, pallet packing for sea shipment.

Whether you need standard or custom caster and wheels, Sturdy has the machinery and workforce to bring your casters to life. Sturdy caster specialists can help you to select the most suitable Lenva caster types for your applications.

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