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Sturdy Caster: Your Premier Industrial Casters Manufacturer 

Sturdy caster is one of the industrial caster wheel manufacturers in China. We can manufacture heavy duty industrial casters, vintage industrial casters, industrial metal casters, large industrial casters, stem casters, locking casters, and more.

We strive to supply you with a one-stop solution for your industrial caster wheels needs. 

Our industrial casters are great for furniture, industrial table, industrial shelving, sewing machines, heavy carts, dollies, platform trucks, chest freezers, business machines, etc. 

You can choose different wheel types according to your applications. Sturdy industrial wheel materials are available with soft rubber wheels, hard rubber wheels, polyurethane wheels, plastic wheels, polyolefin wheels, phenolic wheels, and steel wheels. 

At Sturdy Casters Company, we provide a wide selection of top-quality industrial casters and wheels at very reasonable prices. We can be your reliable industrial casters suppliers providing all your needs and assistance. 

Custom industrial casters or standard caster wheels could be made for you. Send us your inquiry to get the latest quotation.

Industrial Casters Series

Cage Caster Wheels

Cage caster wheels have a sleek look and make cages easy to roll anywhere. Different caster mounting types are optional. They are great for animal cages such as bird cages, rat cages, rabbit cages, and other pet cages.

Chest Freezer Wheels

Sturdy offers a top-quality chest freezer caster wheel featuring a low profile and high capacity. It has a thicker top plate and yoke to withstand heavy loads and allow your chest freezer’s convenient movement.

Display Casters

STURDY casters company offers display casters in different sizes, types, and wheel materials. They work well for rolling retail display, convenience store display racks, retail hanging display, wood display, book display, etc.

Dog Crate Wheels

Put these universal casters on your dog crate, which help transport your heavy dog crate effortlessly. Locking crate wheels with total lock brake lock the wheel and swivel simultaneously to secure it in place.

Drum Wheels

Swivel top plate-mounted casters with polyurethane wheels for moving drum dollies easily. Our drum casters are ideal for steel drum dollies, 55-gallon drum dollies, plastic barrel dollies, drum carts, and oil drums.

Dumpster Wheels

Heavy-duty dumpster casters with rubber on cast iron wheels are perfect for garbage dumpsters, steel dumpsters, trash containers, roll-off dumpsters. These dumpster wheels have double welded yokes for higher load and more excellent impact absorption.

Grill Wheels

Grill caster wheels for the heavy-duty grill, char-broil grill, Traeger gill, green mountain grill, weber grill, gas grill, and metal grill. They are available in various wheels sizes and types to meet your requirements.

High Temp Casters

The standard high-temperature casters are made of high temp phenolic or nylon glass. They are heat resistant and designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -10℃ up to 280℃.

Hotel Casters

Sturdy hotel casters are made of a TPR wheel, featuring a shock-absorbing cushioned ride. It offers good floor protection and is ideal for hotel floors. Suitable for bellman carts, luggage carts, and hospitality carts.

Kitchen Island Casters

Swivel or locking casters for kitchen island equipment, including kitchen island table, kitchen island stool, kitchen island cart, serving carts, wine racks, and other kitchen furniture. It’s a very convenient way of making them mobile.

Low Profile Casters

Our low-profile caster is the right solution for you when you need a low overall height for the equipment under high loading capacity. They are specifically made for this application and used for business machines, vending machines, and refrigeration units.

Machine Caster

Choose from our selection of machine caster, such as leveling machine casters, washing machine casters, sewing machine casters, and arcade machine casters. Machine caster wheel has zinc plated finish and double ball bearing raceways for high weight capacity.

Medical Casters

Twin wheel casters for the medical industry include IV pole stands, medical carts, hospital beds, medical chairs, medical stools, and other medical equipment. Thermoplastic rubber wheels or polyurethane wheels are perfect for medical-grade casters.

Moving Caster Wheels

Moving casters are versatile for furniture moving dollies, wood mover dollies, heavy-duty three-wheel mover dollies, and steel mover dollies. Install casters to the moving dolly will quickly transport your large items from location to location.

Planter Caster Wheels

Sturdy planter caster wheels provide the best mobility solution for a planter stand. It helps move the planter stand or planter dollies around the indoor and outdoor garden. The plastic wheel material for the planter caster will not rust.

Other Industrial Specific Caster Wheels (8)

  • Rack Wheels

    Rack wheels with expanding stem or threaded stem for a clothes rack, heavy-duty rack, metal rack, industrial rack, wood rack, kitchen rack cart, rolling rack, bakery rack, shoe rack, guitar rack, tire rack, and many other racks.

  • Restaurant Wheels

    Restaurant casters come in different wheel materials, wheel widths, wheel sizes, load ratings, and mounting types. They are suitable for rolling your restaurant table, chairs, and commercial kitchen equipment.

  • Umbrella Stand Wheels

    2 inch black polyurethane caster wheels for an umbrella stand, heavy-duty umbrella base, rolling umbrella base, garden umbrella stand. Powder coating surface treatment for anti-rust in the outdoor environment.

  • Shelving Caster Wheels

    Heavy duty casters for wire shelving, metal shelving, shelving racks, hdx shelving, storage shelving, plastic shelving. They are expanding stem casters for easy installation and polyurethane wheels for quiet rolling operation.

  • Trolley Wheels

    5 inch swivel caster wheels with dual locking for charging trolley, trolley cart, shopping trolley, golf trolley, plastic trolley, tea trolley. Cost-effective solution to increase mobility and efficiency.

  • TV Stand Wheels

    TV stand casters with top plates improve the stability with greater loads. They are well suited for a modern TV stand, wooden TV stand, low TV stand, small TV stand, vintage TV stand, corner TV stand, and glass TV stand.

  • Welding Table Casters

    Welding casters with a sturdy top plate could allow you to weld the casters to the bottom of equipment, such as a welding table, welding cart, welding workbench, and other heavy-duty welding machines.

  • Workshop Casters

    Equip your workshop equipment with the right caster wheels can turn an ordinary small workshop into a highly productive work area. They improve the mobility and versatility of your workshop.

Sturdy Industrial Casters Advantages

Sturdy Casters low cost
Low Cost

Work as a professional caster wheel manufacturer to supply the most quality and cost-effective products.

quality standards
Premium Quality

We will pick the casters from the mass production for testing before each shipment.

Fast Shipment
Quick Shipping

We stock popular styles and sizes for our regular customers to ensure fast shipment.

Furniture Casters Wide Range of Application
Wide Range of Application

Sturdy industrial casters are used for a wide variety of applications, from carts, trolleys, racks, cages, and more.

Sturdy Industrial Caster Wheel Types

  • Industrial Locking Casters
  • Industrial Swivel Casters
  • Industrial Rigid Casters
  • Industrial Plate Casters
  • Industrial Stem Casters
  • Large Industrial Casters
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Casters
  • Industrial Leveling Casters
sturdy industrial caster wheel types
Sturdy Furniture Casters Materials

Industrial Caster Material

  • Rubber Wheels
  • Polyurethane wheels
  • Steel Wheels
  • Nylon Wheels
  • Polyolefin wheels
  • Cast Iron Wheels
  • TPR Rubber Wheels
  • Plastic Wheels


Industrial Caster Applications

  • Industrial Casters for Furniture
  • Industrial Casters for Warehousing
  • Industrial Casters for Food Service
  • Industrial Casters for Hospitality Industry
  • Industrial Casters for Material Handling
  • Industrial Casters for Food Processing
  • Industrial Casters for Workshop
  • Industrial Casters for Manufacturing
sturdy industrial caster applications

Sturdy Custom Industrial Casters for Your Mobility Needs

Key Benefits of Sturdy Caster Wheels
industrial solutions 570x360

It’s not easy to find a reliable industrial caster supplier with a competitive price; Sturdy is the right one for you.

Sturdy Caster is a China-based factory specializing in designing, manufacturing, and distributing top-quality industrial casters and wheels. Sturdy designs and produces high-quality casters and caster-related parts for leading brands and distributors.

As a certified industrial castor wheel manufacturer, Sturdy strictly controls the manufacturing process of industrial casters. From the raw material to the finished casters, we will check the quality of each procedure. According to your demands, we can follow up with different standards such as RoHS and CE.

Sturdy could stamp your logo on the dolly casters to skyrocket your brand. We could not only stamp the logo on the caster yokes but also could stamp your company logo on the packing boxes.

As the leading industrial caster wheel supplier, we stock all of the industrial casters in components. Stocking of casters allows us the flexibility to custom manufacture all your caster and wheel orders. It also enables us to reduce the lead time and deliver the casters to you timely.

Sturdy casters, one of the leading casters manufacturers, is always here to support you to make your own high-end industrial caster wheels. Our manufacturing and designing capabilities for casters and wheels can give you a one-stop solution based on your application requirements.

So you can focus on marketing development and how to deliver value to your customers.

Send us your drawing now, and we will respond with a perfect industrial caster for you.

Sturdy Casters Production Capabilities
  • Stamping Plate and Yoke
  • Roll Sheet Cutting
  • Riveting Plate and Raceways
  • Injection for Industrial Wheel
  • Adding Steel Balls to the Raceway
  • Surface Treatment for Steel Frames
  • Assembly the Yoke and Wheel
  • Quality Testing for Mass Production
  • Package for Finished Goods
  • Shipment


sturdy industrial casters features

Double Ball Bearing Raceways for Durability

Different Caster Wheel Materials Are Available

Guaranteed Lowest Caster Wheel Price

Locking Caster Types to Prevent Wheel Rotation

A variety of Caster Wheel Sizes

Testing Casters to Meet Standards



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