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Key Benefits of Sturdy Heavy Duty Casters

》Low Caster Wheel Pricing

》Quality Testing

》Technical engineering Capability

》Free CAD and 3D Design

》Durable and High Performance

》Wide Range of Applications

Equip your Heavy Duty carts, Machinery and Industrial Equipment with These High Quality & High Capacity Casters and Wheels.

Heavy Duty Casters Series

High Temp Casters

High-temperature casters are designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, from -20°F to 550°F. High-temp casters are necessary in various industries such as aerospace, baking, smokehouses, autoclaves, and medical environments. These casters are made from solid and durable materials like shock-resistant epoxy resin or durable phenolic, which are highly resistant to chemicals, water, and steam.

Retractable Casters

Sturdy Hardware retractable leveling casters include double wheels with ball bearings, resulting in higher weight capacity and seamless rolling even with heavy equipment. Our Rubber Foot pads are superior quality, effectively absorbing shocks and vibrations. Additionally, our orange Knob simplifies the process of adjusting the height of the leveling casters, and it comes with a complimentary wrench for your convenience.

Low Profile Casters

The low-profile caster wheel boasts a remarkable load capacity, making it suitable for projects requiring limited clearance. With its dual ball bearing construction, our low-profile caster offers both durability and a sleek design. Our heavy duty low profile casters can bear capacities up to 1500 lbs per caster. It is commonly used in electronic equipment, business machines, store fixtures, and laboratory equipment applications.

Polyurethane Caster

Heavy duty polyurethane tread molded on steel core caster wheels for higher loads and shock absorbing. These wheels are perfect for protecting the floor while requiring a larger load capacity. These polyurethane caster wheels enhance the ability to carry heavier loads and have a longer lifespan, which helps reduce operating costs, especially in demanding manufacturing settings.

Heavy Duty Rubber Casters

Thermoplastic rubber wheel with a round tread that chemically bonded to a durable polyolefin core. Our robust rubber caster wheels are designed to withstand harsh conditions and provide strength. These resilient rubber casters ensure excellent grip and smoother movement across different surfaces. Please note that these casters should not be used in high-temperature environments.

3 inch Heavy Duty Casters

Our 3-inch heavy-duty casters can handle a weight of up to 1500 lbs and have lockable bearings and brakes. These swivel casters are suitable for use with furniture and workbenches. The caster’s double-welded legs and thicker top plate make it strong enough to carry heavy loads. Our 3-inch caster wheels come in various types, including polyolefin, rubber, and polyurethane wheels, making them popular in the industry.

4 inch Heavy Duty Casters

We offer 4-inch medium heavy-duty casters that are designed for optimal performance using high-quality wheel materials. These heavy-duty orange polyurethane casters are specifically built to work with heavy loads and can be used on various surfaces, including carpet, wood, and concrete. They are also available in different colors to accommodate your specific space or requirements.

5 inch Heavy Duty Casters

5 inch Heavy Duty Casters with standard 4″ x 4-1/2″ Top Plate size. They can be used in various settings and are particularly effective in rough terrains while providing a comfortable ride. They are also resistant to water, oil, and chemicals, making them a versatile option for commercial and residential use. Whether you’re working in a home shop or a large industrial enterprise, these durable casters are up to the job.

6 inch Heavy Duty Casters

We offer a wide range of 6-inch heavy-duty caster wheels in swivel, rigid, and brake options, with various plate and stem fastenings to choose from. These casters are made with high-quality materials and feature bright zinc plating, a 1/2-inch diameter axle bolt, and grease fittings for easy maintenance. With double ball-bearing heat-treated raceways and a 5/8-inch bolted kingpin, these casters are made for dollies, platform trucks, shop floors, warehouse carts, and more.

8 inch Heavy Duty Casters

We offer a widely sought-after collection of 8-inch diameter industrial wheel casters in swivel, rigid, and brake configurations. Whether you have heavy-duty requirements or need wheels for lighter indoor cart applications, we have the perfect options to keep your products rolling smoothly. Our 8-inch casters are available in 2-inch wide wheels and boast industry-leading choices.

Cast Iron Casters

Cast iron casters are highly resistant to abrasion and require minimal effort to initiate movement. These wheels are known for their exceptional durability, making them great for applications that require high load capacity. Additionally, they can withstand extreme heat. However, it is essential to note that cast iron caster wheels are not recommended for use on delicate flooring surfaces.

Heavy Duty Skid Wheels

These specially designed casters can be attached to the frame of your RV to prevent tail dragging and damage when backing up. This involves adding heavy-duty skid wheels to the rear of your RV for added protection. By doing so, you can protect the undercarriage from unnecessary damage. To install, one must weld brackets to their RV and then bolt the skid wheels to the brackets using the included hardware.

Other Heavy Duty Caster Types (6)

  • heavy duty swivel casters

    We offer a range of sturdy swivel caster wheels in different sizes, particularly suitable for various purposes. Our medium heavy-duty swivel casters are perfect for applications such as food service carts, hotel housekeeping carts, and industrial and commercial equipment. With the ability to rotate 360°, these swivel casters enable equipment to change directions easily while in motion.

  • Heavy Duty Locking Casters

    Heavy Duty Locking Casters have an excellent mechanism that locks the swivel and wheel at the same time. A locking caster becomes entirely stationary by simultaneously locking the swivel-bearing raceway and the wheel. You can purchase high-quality total locking casters in light-duty and medium-duty options to suit your particular locking caster requirements.

  • Heavy Duty Trolley Wheels

    We provide an extensive range of trolley wheels and castors suitable for commercial, industrial, and manufacturing sectors. Our products are designed to fit various types of trolleys and carts. Whether you require them for small-scale or large-scale operations, our trolley wheels and castors are built to endure heavy loads and frequent usage.

  • steel casters

    Heavy duty casters with steel wheels offer the highest loads in the industry for the same size as other wheel materials.

  • 1000lbs casters

    Non-marking polyurethane tread molded on cast iron that bears the load capacity of up to 1,000 lbs.


  • phenolic casters

    Phenolic Swivel Caster is made up of phenolic resin material mixed with macerated canvas and molded under high temperatures.


Rugged Carbon Steel Construction

  • Heavy duty casters are made with 5.5mm top plates and 5.5mm forks, which allow for heavy loads and long-lasting use.
  • Swivel caster forks with double welded legs for strength.
  • Our heavy duty plate casters have double ball bearing raceways with zerk fittings for grease and for smooth-swiveling action.
  • Double ball raceways with multi-temp grease for use in extreme temperatures.
  • Zinc plated finish is attractive and corrosion-resistant.
  • Standard top plate size 4″ x 4 1/2″ Slotted (min. 2 5/8″ x 3″) (max. 3″ x 3 5/8″)
  • Swivel Top Plate Series casters provide heavier weight capacities for the demands within the industrial and commercial settings.
  • Accepts 4″/5″/6″/8″ x 2″ Wheel Heavy Duty Industrial and Replacement Casters
Sturdy Heavy Duty Casters Yokes
Sturdy Heavy Duty Casters Options

Heavy Duty Wheels

  • Different wheel sizes: 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, and 8 inch
  • Heavy duty wheels have the precision ball bearing for quieter mobility and easier rolling.
  • Wheel material options: polyurethane, rubber ( TPR or mold-on rubber), polyolefin, phenolic, plastic, steel
  • Polyurethane Casters – Highest weight capacity. Non-marking and chemical resistant. A cushioned ride to protect loads and floors.
  • Rubber Casters – Rolls easily on tile, linoleum, brick, and carpet.
  • Mold-On Rubber Casters – offer quiet movement, low initial roll effort, and good floor protection.
  • Polyolefin Casters – Withstands harsh indoor and outdoor use.
  • Plastic Casters – high strength, non-marring, and resistant to impacts, oils, and acids.
  • Phenolic Casters – made up of phenolic resin material mixed with macerated canvas and molded under high temperature.
  • Steel wheels – provide extremely high load capacities than other casters and should be used where flooring protection is not a concern (unfinished concrete).

Durable for Heavier Casters Applications

Heavy-duty casters are engineered for the heavier casters applications, well suited for heavy equipment, such as heavy-duty dollies, super heavy duty workbench, hand trucks, tables, toolbox, movable racks, utility trucks, dollies, trollies, and other heavy-duty material handling applications.

Sturdy casters and wheels for industrial material handling and commercial OEM applications requiring heavy-duty capacity and durability.

heavy duty casters application workbench

Sturdy Heavy Duty Casters Manufacturing

Video STURDY Caster Wheel Manufacturer
heavy duty casters manufacturing

Sturdy caster is one of the professional heavy duty caster wheels manufacturers in China. We can manufacture heavy duty swivel casters, heavy duty casters with brake, heavy duty industrial casters, heavy duty leveling casters, heavy duty casters low profile and more.

Send us your drawing and specifications, we will give you best heavy duty castors solution based on your detailed requirement.

Sturdy Heavy Duty Application
  • “I’m amazed by Sturdy that provides the most quality and cost effective products to me. Their heavy duty casters are great for my retail applications. Thank you Sturdy!”

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Sturdy Casters: Your Reliable Heavy Duty Casters Supplier in China

If your need to import heavy duty casters for your equipment, then Sturdy casters will be your ideal option to manufacture your heavy duty casters orders.

Sturdy Casters is one of the entrusting suppliers of caster wheel products since we strive to provide high-quality heavy-duty casters.

You can choose different wheel types according to your applications. Sturdy is glad to offer you a one-stop-shop solution. We produce our heavy duty casters in good quality with a durable design and affordable costs to gain our customer satisfaction.

Our heavy duty castors are available with polyurethane wheels, mold-on rubber wheels, aluminum wheels, cast iron wheels, steel wheels, polyolefin wheels; there is one ideal for your applications.

Sturdy is now over ten years as a certified caster supplier and manufacturers in China. We are a qualified supplier that provides a one-stop solution for your heavy duty application.

Send us your detailed requirement or technical drawing now, we will respond with a perfect heavy duty caster for you.


What are heavy duty casters?

Heavy duty casters (also heavy duty castors) are used for heavy equipment and heavy loads applications.

They feature a high-grade steel structure and a remarkably durable design that allow you to move the heavy machine easily and quickly.

Heavy load caster wheels are designed to withstand a harsh environment. When working on-site or with heavy machinery, the need for safety and security is vital.

One significant difference between heavy-duty casters and ordinary casters is the amount of weight they can handle. Heavy duty casters handle more weight to perform much more safely and efficiently than those with little or no strength.

Why Sturdy Heavy Duty Casters?

Sturdy heavy duty casters, also called heavy duty castors, are manufactured for various applications. We have been one of the trusted heavy duty caster manufacturers in China for over ten years.

Sturdy heavy duty casters are the ideal heavy duty casters in the industry. It can be accessible in many types of sizes and materials since Sturdy manufacturers high-quality heavy duty casters.

Sturdy heavy duty casters are affordable in many kinds, including heavy duty low profile casters, heavy duty workbench casters, heavy duty furniture casters, heavy duty dolly casters, heavy duty leveling casters, and a lot more.

Our heavy duty casters are widely used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications, such as heavy hand trucks, tables, heavy duty tool box, dollies, carts, and any other equipment that needs to be moved under heavy loads.

Whether you are a heavy duty caster distributor, wholesaler, or custom caster retailer, Sturdy is always your best choice.

Sturdy has a large heavy-duty caster manufacturing capacity, and we can produce over 150,000 pcs heavy duty caster forks every month with our automatic stamping and welding machine.

So we will deliver your bulk order in a short lead time, even in peak season.

We can also provide you free heavy duty caster sample to review the quality before finalizing the order. You will get the production photos and videos in detail.

We have the 150 Ton hydraulic machine and automatic stamping machine, with two sets of automatic welding lines.

Whether you need standard heavy duty casters or custom any heavy capacity caster products, Sturdy can always meet your requirements.

How to choose the best heavy duty casters manufacturer in China? 

Importing caster wheels from other countries can be challenging; however, you can complete the process successfully with the right tips.

1 What are your purchasing objectives?

These are the first and foremost things you need to define.

First, you want to sell heavy duty caster online (like Amazon, eBay, etc.) or be a caster wheel distributor or supplier.

It’s crucial that you understand your business strategy, whether you’ll be wholesaling the casters to other sellers or selling directly to consumers/end users.

This is an essential part of your caster wheel business.


2 Identify a caster wheel factory 

When you import the caster wheels from the factory directly, there’s a possibility that you’ll get the casters at a reasonable price.

If you don’t have time to visit the factory in person, you could ask the supplier to have a video call. You could check the workshops, samples room, manufacturing equipment, testing facility and much more.

Choose a reliable factory, and then you could have a product guarantee, such as a 1-year, 3-year, or 5-year quality guarantee.


3 Decide on the method of shipment 

You need to use which method to make all the imported heavy duty casters get to your country.

Typically, you have two options, shipping by air or by sea. Most people prefer shipping by sea because of low cost though somehow slow. (the unit weight of heavy duty caster is much heavier than other casters, sea shipment is highly recommended). But if you need casters urgently, then you can consider shipping by air.


4 What’s the HS code (commodity code) for heavy duty casters?

There are two standard HS codes for casters, one is 83022000, and the other is 87169000. You could also consult with your shipping forwarder for the correct HS code in your country, as this may vary from one country to the other.

What are the features of heavy duty casters?

Heavy duty casters usually use a top plate, kingpinless, or forged steel construction for much higher capacity than light duty or medium duty casters. It rarely uses heavy duty stem or bolt hole mounting types like light-duty or medium-duty casters.

They have zerk grease fittings in the ball bearing raceway & axle for regular maintenance and lubrication.

The Heavy duty caster has high-quality swivel locks, which allow a swivel caster to become a fixed caster. The purpose of locking a heavy duty caster in a fixed position is to transport the caster some distance and to be able to steer the caster to the final desired position.

Once a heavy duty caster approaches its exact destination, the caster is unlocked to move the equipment in all directions to position itself.

Heavy duty casters with brakes provide flexibility for movement in tight areas and ease of transport over longer distances.

Double welded legs to the lower raceway and heat-treated raceway for maximum strength are significant heavy-duty caster wheels.

What types of heavy duty casters are best?

Knowing the varied types of heavy duty casters and wheels will help you find the best caster for your needs.

Heavy duty casters are mainly separated into three types: swivel, rigid (fixed), or locking type.

Heavy duty swivel casters are engineered that the wheel in the caster can spin a full 360 degrees. It’s ideal for moving heavy equipment in any direction to the desired location.

Heavy duty rigid casters (fixed casters), on the contrary, there is no swivel ball bearing raceways and only could be moved forward or backward (in a straight-line path).

A rigid caster won’t roll as movable as a swivel caster, and it is usually used for the machine that doesn’t require much transit.

Heavy duty locking casters could either add a locking device yourself for a previously purchased caster or require the manufacturer to install a brake. It adds an extra safety option when in transit and prevents the caster from turning.

It’s much easier to move the machine with two locking casters and two swivel casters than the device that has four swivel casters.

Heavy duty casters with brakes also seldom cause injuries while trying to control a piece of heavy-loaded equipment, as it takes less force to keep a cart with locking casters.

According to different mounting ways, there are mainly heavy duty plate casters, heavy duty stem casters, heavy duty kingpinless casters.

Heavy duty plate casters are the most common mounting option to attach a caster to the equipment.

Most plate casters have four mounting holes to enable it either by screwed or by welded to the bottom of the unit. They bear more loads than stem casters.

Heavy duty stem casters have a stem on the top of the caster, which is used to attach the caster to the machine. A stem caster is a perfect option when there is tight space on the machine’s mounting surface to mount a plate caster.

They could have various stem sizes to match different types of mounting requirements. Threaded stem, round stem, or square stem are available.

Heavy duty kingpinless caster means they don’t have a bolt and kingpin on the top plate. They are designed to solve the problems of broken caster yokes or failed swivel sections.

The raceways are a one-piece forged construction for extreme loads and maximum durability.

How to choose the right heavy duty casters?

Heavy duty caster series has a wide selection of mounting types, wheels materials, wheel sizes, and yokes. Sometimes it may be difficult to select the right casters for your application.

Therefore it’s essential to consider the following factors to save your time and improve the mobility of your device.

Wheel sizes: there are different heavy duty caster wheels sizes, such as 2 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, and other wheel sizes.

Loading capacity: how much the total weight the casters should withstand, such as heavy duty casters for 1000 lbs, 2000 lbs, 3000 lbs or 5000 lbs.

The number of casters will be used on the machine; usually, four pcs or six pcs casters.

Operating Environment: The application environment must be considered, which will affect the performance and life of the caster and wheels. The first condition is floor types ( concrete, linoleum, carpet, hardwood floor, etc.). And then next is floor condition. Are there cracks, bumps, or inclined surfaces?

Indoor use verse outdoor use: Casters that are used indoor should be intended for smoother rolling, while outdoor casters should have some shock absorption.

Also, different kinds of operating environments such as dust, high humidity, water, steam, corrosive, high temperature or extremely cold, etc., require special wheel materials, bearing types, or finish options.

Wheel material options: polyurethane, rubber ( TPR or mold-on rubber), polyolefin, phenolic, plastic, steel. Each kind of wheel material is fit for different applications.

Heavy duty polyurethane casters – Highest weight capacity. Non-marking and chemical resistant. A cushioned ride to protect loads and floors.

Heavy duty rubber Casters – Rolls easily on tile, linoleum, brick, and carpet.

Heavy duty mold-on rubber casters – offer quiet movement, low initial roll effort, and good floor protection.

Heavy duty polyolefin casters – withstand harsh indoor and outdoor use.

Heavy duty plastic casters – high strength, non-marring, and resistant to impacts, oils, and acids.

Heavy duty phenolic casters – made up of phenolic resin material mixed with macerated canvas and molded under high temperature.

Heavy duty steel wheels – provide incredibly high load capacities than other casters and should be used where flooring protection is not a concern (unfinished concrete).

Heavy duty pneumatic casters – the foam or air-filled wheels are designed for a cushioned ride and shock absorption when moving the sensitive materials.

Floor protection: Floor protection is also one crucial factor to consider when selecting casters. As the lowest cost caster may provide the capacity needed but maybe scratch the

floor. Like steel wheels have higher capacity but may damage some concrete or hardwood floors. Rubber wheels may offer a lower load rating but have more floor protection.

Are heavy duty caster wheels better?

Heavy duty casters usually come in large wheel sizes, as the larger the wheel diameter, the heavier loads it can withstand.

For rolling over rough, uneven surface or thresholds, the heavy duty casters with greater diameter wheel roll much easier than smaller wheel sizes, such as light-duty casters and medium-duty casters.

Heavy duty caster with a large diameter wheel covers more ground area and could distribute weights efficiently.

So generally speaking, for uneven or sloped surfaces, heavy duty large caster wheels perform better than smaller ones.

What are typical applications of heavy duty caster?

Heavy duty casters are engineered for the heavier casters applications, well suited for heavy equipment, such as heavy duty dollies, super heavy duty workbench, hand trucks, tables, toolbox, movable racks, utility trucks, dollies, trollies, and other heavy duty material handling applications.

Below are typical applications of heavy duty caster wheel:

Heavy duty wheels for trolley

Heavy duty wheels for carts

Heavy duty wheels for gates

Heavy duty wheels for dolly

Heavy duty wheels for workbench

Heavy duty wheels for furniture

Heavy duty wheels for table

Heavy duty casters for office chairs

Heavy duty wheels for toolbox

These are but a few of the applications of heavy duty casters in various industries; the list is almost endless.

What are the size of the top plate and bolt pattern?

The length is 114mm / 4.49 inch, and width 100mm/ 3.93 inch, while the bolt pattern size is 84 *71mm / 3.31*2.8 inch. The mounting plate comes with four drilled holes with allowing for 0.4-inch diameter screws. M10 screws will be suitable for these mounting holes.

How much weight can heavy duty casters hold?

Heavy duty casters, as the name says, are used for moving heavy loads under extreme environment.

There are heavy duty casters for 1000 lbs, heavy duty casters for 2000 lbs, heavy duty industrial casters for 3000 lbs, even up to 20,000 lbs (super heavy duty casters).

We highly recommend always doubling the workload if you would like to attach casters for any project that can carry up. That means the load capacity is 1000 lbs; you should get these that can carry about 2000 or 3000 lbs because not all casters of the unit will withstand the total weight capacity at the same time.

What size heavy duty casters do I need?

Heavy duty wheels are available in the following sizes: 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch. And super heavy duty casters could be made with 16 inch or 18 inch.

So you must have a question, what size heavy duty casters do I need?

This is also an important question, and there is no standard or quick formula for this. But with the following tips could help you to find the ideal size for your material handling application.

If you want a lower height but higher weight capacities, need heavy-duty low-profile casters.

This type of caster is ideal for heavy load application, which requires a low clearance height. Heavy duty low profile caster is great for pianos, copiers, refrigerators, and other heavy machines which do not need frequent movement.

Need smooth and easy rolling, large-diameter wheels are the best choice.

The larger the diameter wheel, the easier it will roll on the rough surfaces. Large diameter wheels will move over the bumps or cracks more quickly and easily than smaller wheels.

Super heavy duty capacity, consider heavy duty casters with twin wheels.

Heavy duty twin wheel casters have dual wheels that minimize the overall height and maximize heavy load capacity. As dual-wheel casters cover more ground, they swivel more easily and provide more stability than single wheels.

What are other related search terms to heavy duty casters?

Other Related Searches to Heavy Duty Casters

  • Heavy Duty Casters Wheels
  • Heavy Duty Casters with Brakes
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  • Heavy Duty Furniture Casters
  • Heavy-Duty Locking Casters
  • Heavy Duty Swivel Casters
  • Heavy Duty Stem Casters
  • Heavy-Duty Plate Casters
  • Heavy Duty Wheels

These related search terms fall in the category of the Heavy Duty Casters, as there are different names for the same style of Heavy Duty Casters.

What is the cost of importing a heavy duty caster from China?

The average price for a Sturdy heavy duty caster wheel range from $2 to $20 depending on wheel size, type, material and quantity you want to order.

The shipping cost vary based on the gross weight and volume of the caster wheels.

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