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Sturdy Casters - Your Best Floor Locks Manufacturer in China

For your floor locks needs, Sturdy caster is your best choice. We are one of the leading floor locks suppliers and manufacturers in China.

Our company provides high-quality floor lock brake, low profile floor lock, pedal lever floor lock, and side-mount floor lock to meet your requirements.

For your orders, we will arrange the production without any delay and deliver them to you quickly to reduce your waiting time.

Contact us for your floor locks specifications.

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Sturdy Casters - Your #1 Floor Locks Supplier

Sturdy Floor locks help prevent castered equipment, such as carts, trucks, workbenches, toolbox, etc. from accidentally rolling away.
It helps to raise the equipment slightly higher than the casters for securing and stabilizing the portable equipment in a fixed position.
These heavy duty floor locks are an excellent option for holding a load immobile on level surfaces and are not recommended for use on inclined or uneven floor.
For best results, floor locks should be installed in pairs between the rigid and swivel casters and work as an alternative to caster wheel brakes to brake your equipment in the desired location.
Floor locks are available to pair with casters with wheel diameters 4″, 5″, 6″, 8″.
Our floor locks with a kick bar (handle bar) for easy accessibility and have the non- skid rubber pad at the bottom for non-slip floor contact.
Note: Floor locks are not designed to withstand the whole unit’s weight, so do not li the carts, platform trucks, and other machines off the floor.
Floor Locks are widely used in heavy duty applications on carts, manufacturing plants, dollies, platform trucks, and more.
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Sturdy Floor Locks Applications
Sturdy Floor Lock Casters

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