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Sturdy Casters is an experienced caster kit supplier in China. We offer custom solutions based on your needs.

  • All caster kit comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Guarantees fast shipment and delivery time
  • RoHS and CE certified
  • Customized designs, sizes, and styles
  • Cost-effective products

Reliable Caster Kit Manufacturer in China

Sturdy Caster offers a wide range of caster kits, from light-duty casters to heavy-duty casters. It is widely used for warehousing, heavy-duty material handling, platform trucks, waste industry, furniture, office chairs, workbench, and more. You can also purchase our caster kit with a broad selection of sizes and styles.

It is available in low MOQ, making it suitable for your brand or business. Custom designs of caster set are also available to meet your specific requirements.

Message us now to get the perfect caster kits for your application.

Sturdy Caster Kit Series

Washing Machine Wheels Set

The washing machine caster wheels set has four total locking elastic rubber casters. They are designed to move the washing machine stand, washing machine rollers, or movable base quietly and effortlessly.

Tool Box Caster Kit

Sturdy toolbox caster wheel sets are kitted to move any brand of toolbox easier, such as Husky, Craftsman, Snap-On, Kobalt, etc. Rigid and brake kits or swivel and rigid kits are optional.

Threaded Stem Casters 12-13 x 1

Threaded Stem Caster Kit completes with four premium floor-protective polyurethane wheels. The threaded stem is 1/2″-13 x 1″. Perfect replacement caster set for your grill, ra

Threaded Stem Caster Kit

Set of 4 swivel casters with 2-inch diameter wheel, threaded stem size 3/8″-16×1″. This set features a heavy-duty impact-resistant polyurethane wheel and is ideally suited for your wire shelving units.

Stool Caster Kit

Our stool caster set is excellent for rolling stools, office stools, drafting stools, salon stools, rolling bar stools, shop stools, bar stools, and any other stools you need to roll smoothly and move easily.

Office Chair Rollerblade Wheels Set of 5

Our rollerblade caster wheels set are the perfect replacement for traditional plastic nylon twin wheels. They will significantly protect your expensive hardwood floors and make your job easier to move around.

Light Duty Caster Set

This set has two rows of ball bearings on the swivel raceways for easy rotation and a brake pedal on the side of the wheel for easy operation. Polyurethane wheel material for wear resistance and long lifetime.

Leveling Casters Kit

Sturdy heavy-duty leveling caster kits ( 4,400 lbs capacity per set ) are used on the heavy workbench, vending machine, retail displays, furniture. Our leveling caster combines four dual-wheel casters for a higher load.

Heavy Duty Casters Kit

This heavy duty caster set will come with 4 total locking caster wheels, 16 pcs screws, 16 pcs washers, and 1 pcs screwdriver for easy installation and quick replacement of broken casters.

Workbench Caster Kit

Our workbench caster wheels sets are manufactured using heavy-duty steel materials. These are easy to mount on a variety kinds of workbenches, including Husky workbench, Bora workbench, or DIY workbench.

Freezer Caster Kit Set of 4

This caster wheel set is specifically made for you to move the freezer, refrigerator, commercial cooler, chest freezer, upright freezer around with ease, which saves your labor and time.

File Cabinet Caster Kit

File cabinets are usually heavy and not easy to move; if you install this set of casters on the bottom of your file cabinet, it makes it easy for you to move them to any desired locations.

Cart Caster Set

The cart casters are widely used for laundry carts, hotel carts, shopping carts, Rubbermaid carts, tool carts, tea carts, utility carts, bar carts, drywall carts, medical carts, TV carts, and other industrial carts.

Spherical Ball Caster Kit

Our spherical ball caster wheels sets are commonly used in laundry houses, warehouses, dyeing mills, depots, and more. They are suitable for equipment such as shopping trolleys, hand trolleys, pallet racks, etc.

High Temp Caster Kit

Sturdy high-temperature caster wheel set are specifically manufactured to withstand high heat up to 750ºF for ovens, autoclaves, bakery equipment, powder coat room, bakery rack, rolling oven rack.

Caster Kit By Mounting Types (4)

  • Plate Caster Kit

    We manufacture the mounting plate caster kit that is perfect for dollies, platform trucks, utility trucks, and more. The top plate has double ball bearing raceways for greater durability and allows easy wheel rolling.

  • Threaded Stem Caster Kit

    Our threaded stem caster kits are available in wide selections of wheel materials, from rubber, urethane, polyolefin to steel wheel material. It comes with different accessories, including screws and nuts.

  • Grip Ring Stem Caster Kit

    Grip ring stem caster set features a solid steel bracket, antique finish for stylish design, riveted axle, and smooth rotation. It is widely used for kitchen, bedroom, furniture, commercial, retail, and other applications.

  • Expanding Stem Caster Kit

    These caster sets are mounted into open tubing fixtures, such as work tables, kitchen prep tables, and other equipment that consist of hollow round and square tube legs. Each caster features a knurled nut on the top.

Caster Kit By Wheel Size (5)

  • 2 Inch Caster Wheel Set

    Sturdy carries a wide range of 2-inch caster wheel set for your lightweight applications. They are commonly used for small furniture, lightweight planter box, store display, fixtures, dollies, and carts.

  • 3 Inch Caster Wheel Set

    3 inch caster wheel set are the most popular type of caster wheel set, featuring high quality, economical and high loading capacity compared to other series. Zinc plating, electroplated finish are optional.

  • 4 Inch Caster Wheel Set

    Sturdy caster provides a large selection of 4″ caster wheel set in rigid, swivel, and locking options with various wheel material, fastenings types, and surface treatment. They are great for home and industrial applications.

  • 5 Inch Caster Wheel Set

    5 inch Caster Wheel Set features a double ball bearing on the wheel for easy rolling and a swivel top plate for larger capacity. Polyurethane wheel, TPR wheel, Nylon wheel, Steel wheel are the most common types.

  • 6 Inch Caster Wheel Set

    We manufacture a high-quality 6-inch caster wheel set that is perfect for dollies, platform trucks, utility trucks, waste bins, and more. It has a ground roller bearing or ball bearing that allows easy wheel rolling.

Sturdy Caster Kits Benefits

Quality Standards
Quality Standards

Sturdy Casters offers quality testing on all caster kit products. We can test the caster kit using endurance test, drop test, and static load testing. Aside from that, we also do quality control on all finished products before shipment. Rest assured that you will receive a defect-free caster kit for your business.

Cost- Effective
Cost- Effective

Sturdy caster sets are economical, and the automatic manufacturing procedures are relatively cheaper than labor costs. Meanwhile, as the professional caster kit manufacturer, we are committed to providing the best performance-driven casters at the lowest price. High-quality casters will help to decrease the maintenance cost.

One Stop Shop
One Stop Shop

Whether you are looking for office chair replacement caster kit or workbench caster kit for your DIF project, Sturdy Caster is your one-stop-shop for all of your caster set needs. We cover a wide range of caster kits for options, such as file cabinet caster kit, table saw caster kit, antique caster set, tool chest caster set; we have them to meet your requirements.

Wide Range of Application
Wide Range of Application

Sturdy Caster offers a broad selection of caster kits based on applications including road case, business machine, vending machine, display fixture, home & office furniture, industrial equipment, wire shelving, birdcage, and more. These caster kits are available in custom size and wheel material to meet your demands.

High-Quality Caster Kits for a Wide Range of Applications

Sturdy Caster manufactures caster kits with superior flexibility for different applications. Typical applications are listed below:

  • Store fixtures, office furniture, freezer, display
  • Display stand, moving dollies, warehouse carts, food service equipment
  • Platform trucks, warehousing, heavy-duty material handling
  • Manually moved equipment, food processing plants
  • Hospital beds, medical equipment, electronic equipment, and more.

If you need to customize the caster kit for your specific applications, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Sturdy Caster Kit Caster Set
Sturdy Caster Kit Caster Set

Custom Caster Sets Solutions for Your Brand

Sturdy Caster has a team of the qualified R&D team that specializes in the design and production of caster kits. Our engineers can create designs according to your requirements by using CAD. The computer-aided designs are a fast way to customize your caster kits for your specific applications.

We produce caster sets using advanced manufacturing equipment and state-of-the-art technology. Our welding, stamping, and mold injection workshop guarantees a short lead time.

Sturdy Caster used carefully selected raw materials such as stainless steel, plastic resin, iron, and more. These raw materials undergo strict quality control before using in production. Our caster kits are certified by RoHS and CE standards to ensure quality.

Sturdy Custom Designed Caster Kit for Your Business

Sturdy Caster Kit Caster Set
Sturdy Caster Kit Caster Set

Sturdy Caster is an experienced manufacturer that specializes in caster kit production. We offer a broad range of products and services that are tailored according to your requirements. Whether you need caster kits for your brand or project, choose Sturdy Casters as your supplier.

We offer custom caster kits that are engineered with long-lasting quality, high strength, and stability. It is available in specialty stems or top plates for mounting options. We use different raw materials such as stainless steel, zinc, steel with chrome, and more.

Custom options also include axles, ball bearing, plain bearing, wheel material, and more. Whether for your business, Sturdy Caster can satisfy your needs. We offer low MOQ and custom logos for your brand.

Contact us today!

Sturdy Caster Kit Customization

Sturdy Casters is a professional caster set supplier in China. We manufacture caster kits with enhanced features to exceed your expectations.

  • Effortless and smooth mobility
  • Ergonomic, clean, and quiet wheel selection for floor protection
  • Highly resistant to corrosion and chemicals
  • Easy to install
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Precise ball bearings
  • Easy to turn wheels
  • Features high-quality thread guard for wheel protection
Sturdy Caster Set Manufacturing
  • Guaranteed fast shipment and on-time delivery
  • Standard designs are available
  • Wide selection of designs and sizes
  • Strict quality control management
  • RoHS and CE approved caster kits
  • Low MOQ and free samples
  • One-year warranty

If you need custom caster sets for your special applications, we can provide the best solution for you. Send us your inquiries today!

Sturdy Caster Kits in Various Applications

5 inch Caster Wheel Set for Tablet Charging Cart
  • Wheel Size: 5” Diameter (125mm)
  • Wheel Material: Premium TPR Rubber
  • Loading Capacity: Total 1,000 lbs(250 lbs each caster)
  • Bearing: Double Ball Bearing
  • Features: Quiet Rolling Operation, Impact Resistance, and Floor Protection
Sturdy 3 Inch Caster Wheel Set for Tool Chest
  • Wheel Size: 3” Diameter (75mm)
  • Wheel Material: Premium Polyurethane
  • Loading Capacity: Total 800 lbs(200 lbs each caster)
  • Bearing: Double Ball Bearing
  • Features: Universal for Many Application, Economical Option
Sturdy Caster Kit for Wire Shelving
  • Wheel Size: 2” Diameter (50mm)
  • Wheel Material: Good Quality Polyurethane
  • Loading Capacity: Total 660 lbs(165 lbs each caster)
  • Bearing: Double Ball Bearing
  • Features: Total Locking for Easy Operation, Low Cost
Sturdy Locking Caster Wheel Set for Workbench
  • Wheel Size: 4” Diameter (100mm)
  • Wheel Material: High-Quality Polyurethane
  • Loading Capacity: Total 1,000 lbs(250 lbs each caster)
  • Bearing: Double Ball Bearing
  • Features: Better Performance and Mobility for Workbench
Sturdy Swivel Caster Wheel Set for Car Dolly
  • Wheel Size: 3” Diameter (75mm)
  • Wheel Material: Premium Polyurethane
  • Loading Capacity: Total 800 lbs(200 lbs each caster)
  • Bearing: Double Ball Bearing
  • Features: Swivel Ball Bearing Raceway for Easy Rotation, Smooth Rolling
2 Inch Caster Wheel Set for Wooden Pallet
  • Wheel Size: 2” Diameter (50mm)
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Loading Capacity: Total 660 lbs(165 lbs each caster)
  • Bearing: Double Ball Bearing
  • Features: Simple Installation and Replacement for Broken Casters
  • The caster kits I ordered at Sturdy Caster are easy to maneuver, high-quality, durable, and cannot damage the floor. I can see, the wheels are guaranteed made from superior materials. Thank you for your team for these amazing caster kits.”

  • “I purchased caster kits at Sturdy Caster with complete accessories, really perfect for my business. Their caster kits are available in free samples. They ship my orders quickly and delivered on-time. I am looking forward to working with you again.”

  • “It is my first time purchasing caster kits at Sturdy Caster, and I have no regrets at all. The casters are easy and smooth to roll. Plus, these are convenient to use, easy to install, and high-quality. The staffs are very accommodating and friendly. I highly recommend Sturdy Caster as a trustworthy supplier.”

What are the Types of Caster Kit?

There are several types of caster kits based on maneuverability and applications. Below are the different types of caster kits.

  • Rigid Caster. It is a fixed caster that can only roll in forwarding and backward directions.
  • Swivel Caster. These casters feature a cylindrical raceway that has ball-bearing tracks allowing the wheel to turn.
  • LockingThere are usually two types of locking mechanisms, one is a total lock brake, lock the wheel and swivel simultaneously. The other one is a side brake that has the brake pedal on the side of the wheel lock only the wheel.

Other types of caster kits based on applications include industrial caster kits, furniture caster kits, shopping cart caster kits, and more.

How Can You Select the Right Caster Kit for Your Needs?

When choosing a caster kit, you may consider the following factors:

  • Load Capacity. If you need a caster for heavy loading capacity, then the larger the wheel is needed. The gross weight of the load should be divided by the number of casters.
  • Operating environment. Does the working environment handle corrosives or chemicals? Is the environment involve oily or wet conditions? The working environment should be considered when choosing caster kits as it may affect their life span and performance.
  • Rotation. You can choose whether you need a swivel or rigid casters. Rigid casters are fixed and won’t spin. However, swivel casters can rotate within 360-degrees.
  • Operating Surface. You need to consider what type of surface or floor you need the casters to maneuver. There are different types of floor surfaces such as rough floors, vinyl floors, tiles, concrete floors, gravel, linoleum floors, and more.
  • Floor Protection. Floor protection is also a factor to consider when purchasing caster kits. Some casters may provide high-load capacity but can damage the floor. There are also casters with a lower load rating that cannot damage the floor.
What are the Different Caster Mounting Options?

We manufacture caster kits with different mounting options. Basically, there are 3 types of mounting options:

  • Bolt hole.It is ideal for stemless casters. A bolt is inserted into the caster’s hole and attached to the equipment.
  • Stem. Features a stem that functions as an attaching device.
  • Plate. The top plates have holes where the device is attached using bolts.
What are the Different Types of Caster Wheel Bearings?

There is a wide range of caster wheel bearing available such as the following:

Roller Bearing

It can carry heavy loads and is suitable for industrial uses.

Sintered Iron Bearing

It is an oil-impregnated and economical type of caster wheel bearing. It is ideal for both heavy and light loads.

Ball Bearing

Ball-bearing offers lesser rolling efforts. It allows the caster easy maneuverability.

What Material Selection is Available for Sturdy Caster Wheel Set?

Sturdy Caster offers a wide range of materials of caster wheel set as the following:

TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) Caster Wheels

  • Quiet and Smooth Rolling
  • Cushioned Ride
  • Excellent Flat Spot Resistance
  • Floor Protection
  • Non-marking


Polyurethane on Polyolefin Caster Wheels

  • Easy Roll-ability
  • Floor Protection
  • Non-marking Performance
  • Resist to Most Chemicals, Oils
  • Reject Floor Debris



  • Can withstand solvents
  • Ideal for corrosive environments
  • Suitable for extreme temperature applications

Cast Iron

  • High-capacity
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Long life span on concrete
  • Suitable for high temperature

Aside from the materials mentioned above, our caster wheels are also made from steel, stainless steel, polypropylene, and more materials. Each material used has unique characteristics and features that add to the high performance of each caster.

Unboxing Videos for Sturdy Caster Wheel Set

Sturdy Caster Kit Unboxing Video for 2 inch Casters

Sturdy Lenva Caster Kit Unboxing Video

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