Anti Static Casters with Expanding Stem for Easy Installation

  • Wheel Diameter: 4 in (100 mm)
  • Wheel Width: 1-1/4 in (32 mm)
  • Wheel Material: Rubber
  • Load Capacity: 125 kg (275 LBS)
  • Wheel Bearing: Ball Bearing
  • Overall Height: 5.1″ (129 mm)
  • Sturdy anti-static adsorb static electricity around them, effectively maintaining workers’ health.
  • Anti-static Casters / Conductive Wheels: Many electronics factories require conductive wheels on assembly carts to eliminate or discharge static buildup. 
  • Although anti-static casters were introduced many years ago, almost all these anti-static wheels leave marks on the floor.
  • Our super synthetic adhesive conductive wheels are an excellent solution to this problem; this unique design uses elastic conductive super synthetic rubber and black conductive polyolefin core. 
  • Non-marking rubber material won’t leave any traces on the floor, keeping the floor neat and clean.
  • They’re perfect for the computer, electronics, manufacturing, and medical industries to protect delicate instruments and components.
  • Applicable environment: Do not use in acid and alkali corrosive environments, and do not contact with oil stains; these will affect the conductive properties of the casters.
  • A caster set is available: 4 locking casters, four sizes of rubber sleeves, and a small wrench. 
benefits of sturdy anti-static casters

Key Benefits of Sturdy Anti Static Wheels

  • Expansion Stem Adapter
  • For Open Tubing Fixtures
  • Top Quality Casters
  • Caster Kit for Easy Installation
  • Premium Ball Bearing for High Capacity
  • In-stock and Fast Shipment
  • 1-Year Quality Warranty
  • Non-marking Rubber Material
  • NO MOQ and Free Sample

Anti Static Casters Applications

  • Computer
  • Electronic Workshop
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Equipment
  • Anti-static Cart
  • Server Racks
  • Clean Rooms
  • Healthcare Industry
anti static caster application
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