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About Sturdy Casters


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Your Expert Caster Wheel Manufacturer in China

If the only job we do is make casters, then our story would be no different from thousands of other companies doing the same. Besides focusing on the function and design, we also strive tirelessly to supply the best caster solutions to every one of our customers.

  • Over 10 Years of Caster Wheels Manufacturing Experience
  • Provide High-Quality Casters, Wheels, and Other Parts
  • Custom Casters are Made for Various Industrial Solutions
  • Offer a Wide Range of Caster Wheels for Your Equipment
  • Have the Stock of Hardware Parts to Guarantee the Fast Shipment

01/Who are we?

Since the incorporation of Zhongshan Sturdy Casters Co. Ltd, we have established ourselves as one of the professional caster wheel suppliers specializing in sturdy & quality casters, wheels, and other related components.

Where are we?

Located in Xiaolan of China is our factory through which we have always dominated exemplary as one of the most reputable manufacturers of high-quality wheels and casters.

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  • 02 Why us

02/Why us?

At Sturdy casters, we excel not only at providing the best casters and wheels solutions for every customer like Manufacturing, Logistics, Medical, Food, Hospitality, Automotive, Aerospace, Waste management companies, and so on but also in the following areas:

  • Broad Product Line
  • Competitive Prices
  • We deliver precisely what we promise
  • Focus on customer service
  • Quality
  • On-time delivery with reduced “Time-To-Market Time For Customers.”
  • Honesty and Integrity

It is imperative to say we do not only help you source quality products that meet your expectations. We also provide a custom service of designing and manufacturing from scratch, casters and wheels that meet every special application requirements.

03/Quality Control

Easy-rolling with Sturdy Casters is our slogan, and we’ve never failed our clients in that regard, as our company always highlights the concept of quality-oriented casters and wheels at all times. As a professional maker in innovation, technology, and customer service:

  • We make use of the best cutting-edge testing machine to test our products from time to time.
  • Use a Robotic welding machine to make our casters.
  • Our Quality Checking staff inspect every procedure from the beginning of the raw material purchase to the finished product.

To ensure we help our clients from every walks of life purchase the best quality casters and wheels that ultimately satisfies their needs.

  • Quality Control
  • 1-Year Quality Guarantee

04/1-Year Quality Guarantee

To further assure our clients of our flawless products and services, we provide a 1-Year Quality Guarantee for each caster stamped with our LOGO LENVA.

However, a client could void the warranty, and make it ineffective through modification or misuse (including overloading) of the product. Tampering with the products in any way possible exempts the seller of liability. Casters are to be used for manual operations only as we are limited to repair or replacement of any product determined to be flawed under normal usage conditions.

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