Moving Your Business Forward with Sturdy Casters!
Professional Caster Wheel Manufacturer in China.
Design. Custom Made. Manufacturing.
Moving Your Business Forward with Sturdy Casters!
Caster Wheel Factory Based In China.
High Quality. Competitive Pricing. Fast Shipping.
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1-Year Quality Warranty
1-Year Quality Warranty
All LENVA Series of Sturdy casters company is backed by a 1-year warranty.
Fast Shipment
Fast Shipment
We stock popular styles and sizes to ensure quick shipping and reduce your waiting time.
7-24 Online Support
7/24 Online Support
Sturdy will be 7/24 online to support your business and orders include all related questions and inquiries.

Custom Designed Casters to Skyrocket Your Business

Sturdy casters, one of the major caster wheel suppliers, are committed to producing, designing, and selling all types of caste wheels, which are sold all over the world.

We offer different types of casters ranging from light furniture casters to heavy-duty industrial casters. With our rich experience and professional product design team, Sturdy provides a variety of different customized product solutions to meet requirements.

With our 10+ years of experience, we have a wide range of high-quality custom casters for various industries such as hotel, furniture, airport, commercial, industrial, etc. Contact us now!

Your professional caster wheel manufacturer in China

Sturdy Caster – Your Professional Caster & Wheel Manufacturer

Sturdy Casters, as one of the leading caster wheel suppliers in China, we can provide custom solutions and innovative caster products for your projects.

We have different types of casters available, such as large or small casters, swivel or rigid casters, light or heavy duty casters, and plate casters or stem casters for various applications.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our website, just give us a call or tell us your quote request, our caster specialists will help you find the right casters.

Sturdy Featured Casters

office chair rollerblade wheels
Roll your office chair smoothly and silently, safe for your carpet, hardwood & all floors.
locking casters
Get quality lock brake casters for your heavy-duty equipment, small furniture, workbench, and more.
heavy duty casters
Heavy duty locking, and swivel caster wheels for home, commercial & industrial applications.
industrial casters
Wide selection of industrial plate, stem, and brake casters for furniture, machine, and equipment.
plate casters
Rigid and swivel top plate mount casters are the most common and durable type in the industry.
low profile casters
Low profile casters are designed for low overall height but heavy duty load applications.
Sturdy Leveling Casters
The best leveling retractable caster wheel solution to level up your machines.
Sturdy Caster Wheel Kit
The most cost-effective caster wheel replacement set for your old or broken caster wheels.

Sturdy Caster Wheel Production Capability

  • Production Capabilities Our factory has the mold injection workshop, stamping workshop, welding workshop, and assembly workshop to ensure the short-time delivery.
  • Testing Capabilities We have the ability to test industrial, furniture, heavy-duty casters, and wheels by using various testing equipment. The necessary testing maintains our products’ consistent quality.
  • Custom Capabilities Despite the standard caster wheel types, Sturdy casters is specialized in providing custom caster wheel solutions and designs for your unique applications.
Sturdy Caster Wheel Production Capability
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Why Sturdy Caster Wheel is Trusted by 1000+ Clients & Users

Sturdy Casters has professional engineers that could offer custom casters solutions to meet the requirements and bring benefits to your job. We have completed a number of casters projects from design to mass production. Also, we could guarantee the shipment time for the large orders.

quality standards
100% Quality Control
Strict quality control management and tests ensure consistent quality for the whole process of production from raw material selection to the finished goods.
low cost
Low Caster Price
Sturdy usually purchases the raw material in bulk orders for lower pricing without a quality drop. Meanwhile, our automatic stamping process helps us to reduce the cost.
wide range of application
Wide Range of Applications
Our caster wheels are great for different applications, including furniture, heavy equipment, carts, trolleys, material handling, platform trucks, the automotive industry, etc.
Sturdy Industrial Solutions
Sturdy Industry Solutions

Sturdy manufacturers the high-quality caster wheels for a wide variety of industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Medical
  • Food
  • Logistics
  • Waste
  • Hospitality
  • Furniture
  • Retail


Sturdy Caster Wheel Types

More Questions You Need to Know

Do you have any MOQ for your Caster Wheel Order?

We do not have MOQ for the casters in stock and accept the small MOQ of 100 PCS for customized items.

Can I visit your caster wheel manufacturing factory in China?

Welcome to visit our caster wheel factory in Zhongshan China. Fly to Guangzhou directly and we will pick you up.

Can you provide FREE Samples?

Yes, we could apply for the Free samples as the requirement for you.

Sturdy Caster Wheels Manufacturing

Package & Delivery: Every caster will be carefully packed, stacked to the pallet, and then covered with plastic wrap to protect them from damage and rain during the transit.

Patent & Certification: We have the patented levelling casters and are proud to provide the casters that could pass the certification as the requirements.

All our caster wheels are manufactured and tested to the highest standards. The following are the main caster wheels we produce. Skyrocket Your Casters Business with Professional Manufacturer You Can Definitely Trust.

Lenva Casters
Furniture Casters
Heavy Duty Casters
Industrial Casters
Caster Kit
Leveling Casters

Sturdy Caster Wheels for Wide Range of Applications

Our caster wheels are designed to meet your specific application and requirements.

Office Chair
Business Machines
Flower Carts
Food Service
Stock Carts
Tooling Fixtures
Waste Management
Warehouse Trucks
Store Fixtures
Trash Containers
Mover Dollies
Mop Buckets

Testimonials: What Our Clients Say About Sturdy Casters

  • “Thanks for great quality caster wheels, their casters are very easy to install and quite smooth rolling. Trust me, if you have a bulk order, you can visit the Sturdy factory in Zhongshan, then you will be really happy to see their manufacturing process of caster wheels. I am really happy with the team of Sturdy Casters. Thanks!”
    Simon Smith
    from Slovenia
  • “Sturdy Casters is definitely an expert on caster wheel manufacturing in Zhongshan China. They have automatic stamping machine and very experienced staff to help us design new casters. They have large numbers of caster wheel designs for different kinds of applications. Looking forward to working with you again!”
    Edgar Vargas
    from USA
  • "Very affordable, quality product. I have mounted it under euro pallets, which I use as a garden table. All tools for assembly are included in the product. The screwdriver is also included. Assembly was very easy for me. The lock is easy to use. On the whole, this is a very great product for this price. Recommendable!"
    Bilguundalai lderbat

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